Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another Wednesday in the Books: More Fun With Guns and Late Summer Politics

Here is a tip of the ol' hat to Wayne LaPierre and the rest of the NRA. LaPierre and his crew appear to believe that if there is even a single law anywhere on the books which restricts gun sales, or possession the entire nation will fall. In fact, immediately after the Oklahoma City federal building was bombed in 1995, he expressed his sympathy for those killed by publicly calling ATF agents, "jack booted thugs." It was a statement so vile it prompted former president George H.W.Bush to resign from the organization.

Today we had another example of how unrestricted gun ownership in the country is working out for us. The AP reports Los Angeles police arrested Mr. Alexander Hernandez. They say Brother Hernandez had been traveling through the L.A. metro area the last five days in a row shooting randomly at targets of opportunity from his vehicle. His weapon of choice was a shotgun fitted with a pistol grip.

By the time he was popped he had allegedly killed three people and wounded four. In addition, presumably because sometimes he was too impatient to wait for human victims, Hernandez is accused of killing two dogs and wounding a third.

Currently he faces one count of capital murder, two counts of attempted murder, and three charges of animal cruelty. A police spokesperson told the media Hernandez was refusing to cooperate with the authorities. That's probably because when you've had four prior convictions like he has you know the system well enough to keep your mouth shut until you can find a lawyer.

That's right. Alexander Hernandez has done time for, among other things, possession with intent to sell meth, possession of a controlled substance with a firearm, and possession of a firearm after a felony conviction. However, since this is the land of the free, he was still able to get his hands on yet another weapon.

Admittedly it might sound a little goofy coming from an American, but here is an idea. Doesn't making it tougher for evil fucks like Hernandez to get firearms sound a little more sensible than LaPierre's notion a guy like him should be able to buy a used gun from uncle, Chucky Whitman without any background check whatsoever?

And--while we're speaking of crime--also in California, a right wing super pac called America Rising, hired an operative to keep tabs on democratic congressional candidate, Amanda Renteria. NBC reports the "tracker" got a little carried away with his duties. He followed Ms. Renteria into church on Sunday and began to question her as she walked down the aisle to find a seat. When she knelt to pray he started video taping her. The political action committee issued a statement saying they'd no longer use the man's services. Although America Rising fired the cretin they have not offered the candidate an apology. 

In Florida, former republican governor, turned democrat Charlie Crist easily won the democratic primary for his former seat. The Miami Herald is reporting incumbent republican governor, Rick Scott began running ads trashing Crist as far back as last November, beginning the moment he announced he would take another shot at the office. The Herald story says Scott's campaign has already spent $28 million on anti Crist spots.

NBC reports republican congressman Tom Cotton, a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arkansas, is claiming democratic incumbent Mark Pryor is trying to blame the ebola outbreak in Africa on him. Well, sort of. Pryor's attack ads point out the representative voted to slash funding of the CDC and emergency plans to contain deadly outbreaks of disease in the United States, causing the country to be more susceptible to epidemics like the one ravaging west Africa.

Finally, here in Oklahoma, Steve Russell won the GOP primary in the state's fifth congressional district. The tea party wank immediately became the odds on favorite to win the seat in November, despite the fact he doesn't even live in the district. During his acceptance speech last night, the OKC daily paper, The Oklahoman, noted he told an admiring throng of supporters he would "defend the unborn without apology."

The unborn should probably take him up on the offer, because once they do emerge from the womb he certainly won't give a rat's ass about them.

So there we have it. Another Wednesday is in the books. Ladies and gentlemen, the smoking lamp is now lit.


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