Saturday, May 24, 2014

There is Something Wrong With Us

We're mutants. There is something wrong with us, something very very wrong with us.

Bill Murray, as private John Winger in the movie, "Stripes."


Everyone knew it would happen again, it was just a matter of time.

The Los Angeles NBC affiliate says the first 911 call was received at 9:27pm last night. It was a report of shots being fired near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus. At 9:30pm, 911 dispatchers began receiving multiple calls of a man driving a black BMW who was shooting randomly at people as he cruised the streets of a tiny community named Isla Vista. At 9:33 sheriff's deputies engaged the man in a gun fight as he sped away from them. At 9:34 Another deputy exchanged gunfire with him. At 9:37 the BMW crashed into a parked car and deputies found the driver dead from a head wound. In the 10, or so minutes he was running amok, six people were shot to death and seven more injured. If you count the shooter, the body count rises to seven.

Reports are the police found a semi automatic hand gun in the vehicle. It remains unclear at this time if the suspect was killed during the gunfight, or he blew his own brains out when the authorities began closing in on him.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office has, so far, refused to identify the suspect, but various media sources say his name was, Elliot Rodger. An attorney for Peter Rodger, the assistant director of the movie, "Hunger Games" has issued a statement saying his client's son is dead and the family believes he was the shooter.

An updated report claims the family alerted the police several weeks ago after seeing Youtube videos of their son talking about suicide and murder. According to the attorney, police interviewed Elliot and found nothing suspicious. The lawyer, Alan Shifman, described him as, "perfectly polite, kind, and wonderfully human."

Yes, aren't they all.

A spokesman for the Sheriff's Office said his department was, "analyzing both written and video evidence which suggests this atrocity was a pre meditated act of mass murder." He also called the shooting, "the act of a madman."

According to NBC, Elliot Rodger took the time Thursday to post nine videos on Youtube. The LA NBC station says almost all of them were laced with anger toward women. The one I watched was still available for viewing about two hours ago. It will be the most dreadful six minutes and fifty-five seconds of your day, if you choose to watch it.

The video is shot from the dashboard of a black vehicle. Rodger is sitting behind the steering wheel with the sun in his face. He has sleepy eyes and speaks in a monotone. His language and demeanor is such you can make an argument he is reading from a script. He talks about being a virgin and how lonely he is. More than once he claims he has no idea why girls ignore him, because he is a perfect gentleman, unlike the louts they so disgustingly prefer. He giggles a bit melodramatically a few times while he promises retribution for the terrible slights to his manhood. He also brags he will enter a sorority house, kill all the women in it, then he'll take to the streets killing each and every person he sees. He uses video gamer terms like, "mountains of skulls" and "rivers of blood."

Yes, it appears we've manufactured one more loon who has been pushed around the bend by delusions of grandeur and persecution. And then, just like, Adam Lanza, James Holmes and countless others--after he came to a boil--someone, somewhere, either gave, or sold this whacked out goof a gun. It was one so efficient at least one witness said he believed there must have been at least two weapons because the bullets were flying so fast for so long.

No country in the world has more privately owned firearms than we do in America. So on this Saturday afternoon one can reasonably ask, exactly what has the second amendment to the constitution of the United States done for the population lately?

Well, last night, in Isla Vista, CA, it got us, Elliot, fucking Rodger who murdered six innocent people. 

Right. Will someone please explain to me again how we're free?


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