Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ted Cruz Takes a Hit as the GOP Wises Up

It was a terrible pack of blood thirsty werewolves, screeching lunatics, and crazed religious zealots, the likes of which are usually associated with outfits like Boko Haram.

The GOP senate primary in Georgia alone contained three tea party hacks currently sitting in the U.S. House of Representatives. Our old pal Paul Broun was in the race. He is the distinguished statesman who claimed Barack Obama wanted to establish a civilian national service corps for the sole purpose of creating a Marxist dictatorship. In addition he once addressed a southern baptist church, telling them embryology, evolution, and the big bang theory were all lies, "straight from the pit of hell." He also threw in his conviction the world was created in six days, "as we know them." He won re-election two years ago, but his views inspired over 5,000 voters in his district to cast write in ballots for Charles Darwin.

Along with him was Congressman, Phil Gingrey who, a couple of years ago, said Todd Aiken was, "partly right." That was after, Aiken, a republican candidate for the senate in Missouri, told an interviewer women don't become pregnant after being raped because their bodies have, "a way of shutting that down."

Last night both men became abject losers thanks to the republican voters of Georgia. David Perdue came in first, although he couldn't avoid a runoff. Perdue is a former CEO of Dollar General Stores and has never held a political office. His campaign web site brags that during his tenure at the retail chain, he personally created, "thousands of quality jobs." It is unclear if the rank and file employees of a business which is essentially a chain of mini Wal-Marts would agree, but the issue is neither here, nor there at the moment.

Perdue's opponent in the runoff will be Congressman, Jack Kingston. His main claim to fame is his desire to force children from low income families, who participate in the federal school lunch program, to sweep the cafeteria floors where they eat. According to him, such an arrangement would teach the little loafers, "a work ethic and that there is no such thing as a free lunch."

Meanwhile in Oregon, Monica Wehby won the republican nod for the senate. Her closest competitor was state representative, Jason Conger. Wehby got herself on the tea party hit list because of her stated opinion that abortion is, "a personal decision between a woman and her family." She is a pediatric neurosurgeon by trade and, like, Perdue a new comer to politics.

In Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell kicked Matt Bevin's ass. Bevin ran as a "true conservative." That would be in opposition to McConnell's alleged, yet, unfathomable, sub rosa political love affair with Barack H. Obama..

So, are we seeing a pattern here? Perhaps. Last month in Texas a tea party hot dog was beaten like a gong by incumbent Senator John Cornyn. There was also a right fringe set back in North Carolina.

Yes, Ted Cruz and outfits like Club for Growth might feel the sand shifting beneath their feet at this point. Cruz didn't publicly support any of  these vicious rubes, but notably he refused to endorse either McConnell or Cornyn before the votes were counted. One could almost see the wheels turning in his head.

McConnell and Cornyn don't get it. I'm the new face and soul of the republican party. If those two old farts are out of the way I'll be King of the Senate and on my way to the convention. 

Ah, but even the best laid plans sometimes go awry.

So all this is great for democrats, right? Actually no, it is just the opposite. Now, Michelle Nunn, the Georgia democratic senate candidate, is going to have to run against someone with a functioning brain. Hey, if you were her wouldn't you prefer an opponent who is such a repulsive clown that 5,000 of his constituents voted for a dead guy rather than him? And let's face it, Claire McCaskill might not be in the senate today if Missouri republicans had picked someone other than a degenerate misogynist to run against her.

Apparently it has dawned on more than a few republican voters that if they want to win state wide general elections and the big white house on Pennsylvania Ave. they are going to have to walk away from the lunatic edge of their party.

Does it mean we're rid of Cruz? No, but his influence among senate republicans is in the midst of taking a major league hit and some of those good ol' boys he has ignored and dissed might want a little payback. Indeed, enjoy your new appointment, Senator--that one on the Senate Select Sub Committee on the Cultural Influences of Ancient Astronauts. Unfortunately, the down side of all this means it just became tougher for democrats to hold onto the senate.

Stay tuned. This fall will be a close thing for everyone involved. All the evidence indicates the GOP has wised up.


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