Friday, May 16, 2014

Racists Come Swarming Out of the Dark Recesses

They're swarming out of the dark recesses now. They were tucked away for the longest time and we only caught brief shadowy glimpses of them. Despite hints to the otherwise some naive souls went so far as to claim they'd gone extinct, but now we know. The ugly fuckers are everywhere.

The hard truth is this president hasn't accomplished a lot in six plus years. Oh sure, there is the Affordable Care Act and a gutsy call when it came to nailing bin Laden, but for the most part he has been stymied at every turn. Some of it is his fault while much of it has been because of a virulent opposition the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Andrew Johnson administration in the late 1860's. However, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama's tenure in the White House there is no longer a shred of doubt the cancer of racism is alive and thriving in the United States of America.

The latest evidence of it started a little while ago with Cliven Bundy. He is the Nevada rancher who became a cause celebre when he and his pals faced off against Bureau of Land Management personnel. People like Sean Hannity flocked to his side, portraying him as some sort of every man hero fighting the big bad federal government. He was called a patriot by Nevada Senator, Dean Heller and was being cheered on by presidential hopeful, Rand Paul.

Then, in a moment of perfect clarity, he told the New York Times what he knew about, "the negro." It was a screed so demented and foul, Hannity, Heller, and Paul couldn't dig holes deep enough to escape the fall out. Even worse than his original comments about African Americans not knowing how to pick cotton any more and being better off as slaves, was Bundy's astonishment that people were actually pissed off at him because of what he believed.

Then came Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA franchise. None of us should have been surprised. The guy has been in and out of courts for close to a decade because he's been practicing systematic housing discrimination not seen since the early 1960's. But, when everyone actually heard him on the tape telling his girl friend/companion he didn't want her to be seen with black men and he didn't want black people in attendance at Clipper games, it was a stunning and gut wrenching revelation.

He went on CNN to apologize and in an astonishing, surreal, performance ol' Don managed to sound, at best, completely unhinged. The head coach of the Clippers, Doc Rivers put it best when he said, "It didn't sound much like of an apology to me."

Now CNN is reporting Sterling's lawyer has sent the NBA Commissioner a letter which in part says, "We reject your demand for payment." That would be in reference to the $2.5 million fine which was levied against him. In addition Sterling is threatening to sue the NBA if it enforces the life time ban on him and sells the club without his permission. In short, Donald Sterling doesn't think he has done anything wrong.

Today, MSN is reporting a citizen of Wolfboro, NH wrote a note to the town manager accusing one of the three city police commissioners of calling President Obama the "N" word. 82 year old Robert Copeland went right up front with that accusation. He sent an email to the other two commissioners and copied the woman who had complained. It said, "I believe I did use the "N" word in reference to the current occupant of the White House. For this I do not apologize--he meets and exceeds my criteria for such." He didn't mention what his "criteria" was, although one can hazard a guess.

At a town meeting the other night more than a few people called for Copeland's resignation. One of his defenders claimed, "All the man did was express his displeasure with the man who is in office."


There you have it. Racism is nothing, but freedom of expression. If you don't want to rent to people of a different color, if you don't want them at your basketball games, that is your business and not anyone else's. You can call someone whatever grotesque name you want and there will be absolutely no consequences.

The next logical step in this horrific bullshit will be some vile ferret like Bob Copeland putting up a sign in his restaurant window which says, "White People Only." You can almost hear the excuse now, "Hey, segregation is just an outward manifestation of my opinion. There shouldn't be a law against it."

Ladies and gentlemen, this society is one sick puppy. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

If there are any questions I'll be in the bar.


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