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Malaysian Flight 370 is Gone: According to YouTube It is Murder for Profit, Cloaking Technology, or Deadly X-Ray Devices

Well you can say one thing for the Malaysians, they know how to feed huge amounts of fodder to the conspiracy theory industry.

The publication,"New Straits Times" has published a story claiming flight 370 co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid attempted to place a call on his cell phone during the fateful night the aircraft went missing. The story went so far as to say the fleeting contact with a communications tower was made when the plane was 200 nautical miles north west of Penang and flying at a low altitude, presumably in an attempt to avoid radar contact.

Although the story cited anonymous sources involved in the investigation, a Malaysian official was quick to say he didn't believe it was true--his contention is everyone would have heard about it before now. It isn't a bad argument. On the opposite end, The New Straits Times maintains the information wasn't released earlier because it was part of the ongoing search to find out who was at the controls when the plane went missing.

Can you say complete disconnect?

Other sources were quoted in the MSN story which said, for one, if a com tower did pick up a signal from Hamid's cell phone it could be he simply turned it on and wasn't trying to call anyone. In addition the head of the search operation has stated no one has any idea what flight 370's altitude was when it flew off into never, never land. Finally, a week ago FBI computer hot shots came to the conclusion there was nothing suspicious on the home flight simulator owned by pilot, Zaharie Shah.

Reports today indicate the batteries on the plane's black box have apparently gone dead,  meaning searchers in the southern Indian Ocean are now groping around completely blind through 15,000 feet of black water for the missing air liner.

All the conflicting information released until now, all those blurry satellite photos looking down on pieces of possible debris, which have invariably turned out to be nothing more than garbage--they have done nothing, but add to the confusion. In short they have thrown the door wide open to every conspiracy theorist with a PC and web cam.

Indeed, a quick sampling of them today on YouTube provides us with these startling headlines and expose's.

The Real Reason Flight 370 Disappeared!
Posted by something called Western Journalism, the story goes into arcane details about the Carlyle Group which, with the Blackstone Group and a couple of other entities, bought  a company called Freescale Semiconductor in 2006 for $17 billion. Freescale had the the misfortune to have 20 or so employees on the flight. This particular theory revolves around a close knit group of important figures gaining full control of some jointly owned patents. Reduced to its most basic level  it claims the flight was either hijacked, shot down, or dematerialized for no other reason, but profit.

Flight 370: Largest Conspiracy Since 9-11
It is narrated by a guy named Christopher Greene. Greene actually makes a valid point by saying no one knows what happened to the flight and everything at this point, including it's final resting place, is nothing, but speculation. Then he trips off into the Freescale Semiconductor scenario with the added tidbit the corporation is heavily involved in the development of top secret "cloaking" technology.

There are others, loads of others. Some kept going back to the Carlyle Group/Freescale Semiconductor connection, while darkly informing us New World Order types such as the Bush family, the Rothschilds, and even the bin Ladens have their tentacles squirming deep into each company. A couple of less detailed posts admonished those of us viewing not to believe anything we're told by anyone--ever--unless, of course, we hear it from them.

My personal favorite, however, was:

Leuren Moret: Flight 370 Was U.S. Demo for Putin: Patent Scam: Payback for Tribunal vs. Israel, U.S./U.K.
Moret is described by interviewer, Alfred Webre as a radiation expert. She is convinced there were multiple reasons for the downing, which she says has been confirmed by Vietnam. In fact she claims the Vietnamese have even recovered the tail section of the Boeing 777. According to her the U.S brought down the aircraft with an "energy weapon," probably some sort of X-ray device. The reason the government did it was to show Vladimir Putin we have a working model ready to shove up his ass. If she is right the deadly demo certainly hasn't impressed Putin enough to slow him down in large sections of Ukraine. For me, the perfect moment during her "explanation," came in the first part of the video. There is a blip in the presentation, causing a couple of seconds to be lost, rather like a needle skipping on an old fashioned vinyl record. It was immediately followed by the disclaimer, "Note, NSA like party sabotaged connection."

Hey, it could happen. You can never tell who is watching and listening these days and as everyone knows, loose lips sink ships.

Obviously these clowns would be around with different axes to grind if flight 370 hadn't gone into the drink so mysteriously. Many conspiracy posts carry a sulphuric whiff of anti-Semitism, or at least a heavily anti Israeli slant. Others rant about the Rothschilds and the dreaded Iluminati while alleging satanic connections to both. More than a few throw out sentences filled subtly with terms from the book of Revelation. Moret goes so far as to claim we are currently in the middle of Armageddon.

Andy Warhol once said, "In the future everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes."

If you have a web cam and a YouTube account the future is now. Unfortunaty a lot of cranks can thank Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government for their current quarter of an hour.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the bar is open.

sic vita est


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