Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Nightmare in Utah, A Storm Trooper in Kansas City, and Someone Else Was Bored in Duncan

There are times when you have to wonder about the whole evolution thing. You know, natural selection, survival of the fittest--those dead ends which are supposed save us from the grotesque mutants whose twisted chromosomes will ultimately lead the species to doom.

On days like these it is easy to think Darwin was as daft as those who argue that 5,000 years ago humans shared this blue ball with dinosaurs, rather like they did on the TV show, "The Flintstones."

Over the weekend, Pleasant Grove, UT police arrested the 39 year old mother of three, Megan Huntsman. She now sits wide eyed in the lockup charged with six counts of murder.

On Saturday her estranged husband, Darren West was cleaning out the family garage when he came across the body of an infant wrapped in plastic and packed away in a cardboard box. Mr. West, who did a little time of his own because of drug related charges, immediately called the local police. They discovered six more bodies, raising the gruesome total to seven new born infants--all packed away as neatly as the first.

Reports are Ms. Huntsman confessed to the police the dead children were hers and she either strangled or smothered the six immediately after giving birth to them in the house. Authorities have determined the seventh baby was still born.

The nightmare apparently began in 1996 and didn't end until 2006. According to the cops, West and Huntsman's three children, who lived in the place with her during that period, had no idea she was  pregnant multiple times, much less killing her babies. In fact, the youngest daughter, un-named in the reports, was born at some point in the middle of all the madness. Why she survived and the rest didn't is currently a mystery, as is who might be the father, or fathers of the murdered new borns.

When interviewed, neighbors claimed they didn't see anything strange, although a couple of them said they noticed Huntsman's weight tended to yo-yo up and down.

While mothers who commit infanticide are certainly not unheard of, this is a whole new ballgame  Honestly, the mind reels at the sheer number of victims and time span. I mean didn't this crazy bitch ever hear of contraception, or even the last, desperate, resort of abortion? What was going through that reptilian brain of hers? Who is this horrifying beast hiding out in the guise of a human being?

The experts don't have a clue. To illustrate it, Diane Sanford, a psychologist and author of a book about postpartum depression had this nugget of wisdom, "These women aren't well."

Really? Thanks for letting us know, Ms. Sanford. We'll keep that one filed away.

Then on Sunday, Frazier Glenn Cross, aka, Glenn Miller, went on a shooting spree in the Kansas City metro area. Mr. Cross/Miller, a Vietnam veteran and former head of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan  doesn't like Jews--so much so he once went on Howard Stern's radio show and told the host, "Compared to our Jewish problem all our other problems are mere distractions."

At the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City he gunned down 14 year old Eagle Scout, Reat Underwood and his grandfather, Dr. William Corporon. He then drove to the Village Shalom Retirement Community and shot Terri LaManna to death.

Police quickly arrested Cross/Miller who reportedly yelled, "Heil Hitler," as he was being carted off.

The first and most obvious question is how did a former felon, which Cross/Miller is, get his hands on a weapon? Some gun store owner will insist it was a legal transaction citing his alias and no doubt impeccable ID. After all, when you want a gun in this country, you'll get one no matter what your criminal record.The NRA is sure to issue a statement telling us if there had been armed guards, or citizens at both centers none of the killings would have taken place.

The feds say they have enough evidence to hang him out to dry on hate crimes. That would be in addition to the murder charges the local authorities are going hit him with. In the end, it turned out none of the 73 year old storm trooper's victims were Jewish.

Finally, down in Duncan, OK, a man with the regal sounding name, Oddesse John David Barnes became the fourth person charged in connection with the death of Australian, Christopher Lane. Nolan Clay reports in today's "The Oklahoman," Barnes is being accused of hiding the weapon used during the crime. According to the story, police contend Barnes knew it was the murder weapon, but still tossed it into some high grass when they came looking for it. The gun has never been found, which means it is still out there--available for use by another tough guy wanna be who wants to make a name for him, or herself.

Chancey Luna, who is accused of being the shooter, reportedly gave the weapon to Barnes. Michael Jones, the guy police say, was the wheel man during the drive by and Luna face murder charges. In exchange for turning state's evidence, James Edwards will be charged with accessory to murder after the fact. Oddesse John David Barnes is jammed up on the same rap.

The original motive, given by one of the bright bulbs involved in the murder of Lane, is brutally simple. He said they shot him because they were bored. Well, when you're young and mired in Duncan, you have to find something to do don't you?

Who says this isn't the greatest nation in the whole wide universe?

If you want me, I'll be in the bar--mulling over the re-lo to Belize


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