Monday, November 18, 2013

The Monday Blitz: George Z. Back in Jail, A Family Feud, and Charity at Walmart

 I guess we should just be happy he didn't shoot anyone else.

Yes, our old pal George Zimmerman is back in custody. A report by NBC news was initially sketchy, however now details have begun to emerge. Apparently, Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, was arrested today when police responded to a disturbance call at a house in Apopka, FL. By all accounts it was a bizarre scene. Zimmerman's current girl friend, Samantha Scheibe called police and claimed Ted Nugent's hero had smashed a glass table, pointed a shotgun at her, and then pushed her out the door. According to Yahoo news, Zimmerman then barricaded himself in the house by stacking furniture against the door and told her he would only speak to the police over the phone.

The cops weren't having any of it. They pushed their way through the door and furniture and slapped the cuffs on the suspect. The report says Zimmerman was compliant as officers took him into custody. Well of course he was, The Zimster knows when he is out gunned. It is one thing to shoot an unarmed kid during a fist fight, but another entirely when the SWAT team comes charging through the door. Yahoo says the former captain of the neighborhood watch has been charged with domestic aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, domestic battery, and criminal mischief. Presumably the kitchen sink will be added to the list tomorrow morning. It is probably safe to say our man George has used up all his excuses, not to mention terminally frayed the patience of every Florida cop on duty, no matter what his or her opinion is of black teenagers in hoodies taking a stroll at night. 

We last saw Quick Draw McGraw back in September when police were called to quell an argument between him and his soon to be ex-wife. No charges were filed at that time because, as always with this gruesome cretin, there were conflicting stories about not only who started the dust up, but who did what to who. Faced with yet another Zimmerman conundrum, one, luckily, not involving a dead body, the police, at the time, simply dropped their investigation.

Obviously the edge of the envelope has now been pushed to the limit of tearing. Incredibly, at this moment, as far as it is known, the Z Man retains his right to carry a concealed weapon during his travels and travails across the Sunshine State. No doubt millions of Florida's citizens are comforted by the thought and will sleep well tonight. After all, to paraphrase the NRA shills, the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a package of Skittles, is a George Zimmerman with a gun.

Meanwhile in Wyoming the Liz Cheney senate campaign is sinking into huge morass of quicksand. Her run against three term republican Mike Enzi seemed a long shot at best, but now she is not only taking flak from an ultra conservative super pac, but her own sister, Mary.

It seems that sometimes you just can't please anyone. An outfit called American Principles Group has been running ads on Wyoming TV accusing Ms. Cheney of being soft on the international threat of homosexuality in general and same sex marriage in particular. The candidate took to the air over the weekend to refute those wild and damaging accusations. She told the people at Fox she has always believed the institution of marriage should be strictly between a man and woman.

Oops. That revelation didn't go over well with her sister Mary, who is wed to a woman named Heather Poe. Mary jumped on Facebook and posted, "Liz--this isn't just an issue on which we disagree--you're just wrong and on the wrong side of history." Poe called the candidate's opinion, "offensive," and bitterly complained Liz had previously told both her and Mary how happy she was for them.

The American Principles Group latest poll shows Enzi leading Cheney among republican voters in Wyoming, 69% to 17%. Of course, we all know how deadly accurate conservative pollsters are. Dick Morris had Mitt Romney winning 325 electoral votes right up to the moment Mr. Romney's campaign flamed out on election night. Not only that, but when Dick Cheney is in the background you can never tell who is going to get paid off or end up dead in a ditch. I mean this is the same guy who shot a friend in the face during a hunting trip. Then, within hours, the wounded friend was dragged before the cameras to publicly apologize to the then vice president for getting in the way of the shotgun blast. No, you don't screw with Dick Cheney, or one suspects, a daughter of his who is running for office.

Finally up in Canton, OH a local Walmart location is collecting donations of food from it's associates, not for some charity, or local food bank, but for other Walmart employees who work in the same store. You see, it seems some Walmart employees just can't make ends meet, despite their current careers with the retail giant.

Management at the store seemed puzzled why some people are a tad appalled by this. The boys in charge issued a statement saying it was an act of kindness by associates who are just trying to assist their fellow workers during the holiday season. Of course the store itself isn't helping out with either donations, or by paying a living wage, but hey, the bottom line must be preserved at all costs. After all, we aren't a bunch of communists around here.

To further prove Walmart's concern for the thousands upon thousands of lucky people who work for it, there is what is called, The Associate Critical Need Trust. It is a non-profit set up by the corporation to provide employees with financial assistance when needed. Associates can contribute to the fund either through payroll deductions, or direct contributions. Yes, that is right, the Walton family doesn't give a dime to it. It is funded entirely by the very people they are fucking over. An estimated 50,000 Walmart employees have applied for help through the trust.

And all this time I thought the Koch brothers were the ruthless ones.

It is going to be a long week. It appears there will be an endless parade of television specials chronicling the death of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald and just about everyone else who was in Dealey Plaza that awful day fifty years ago.

At least now I can order a martini. Back then they wouldn't serve a 13 year old.

Keep the faith.

That is all.


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