Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Trayvon Martin Trial and a Few Things About Florida

Well, we've found out a few things about Florida lately.

1. In that state any half baked idiot who wants to be a cop, but either can't get hired by a police department, or is too lazy to fill out an application, can buy a gun and walk around with it, pretending to be Dirty Harry Callahan.

2. It is perfectly acceptable to see a young black male on foot and assume he is a criminal.

3. It is also perfectly acceptable to break neighborhood watch procedures by getting out of your car to follow him while you are armed.

4. Additionally, it is okay to refer to people like him--you know other young black males--as "assholes" and to call him "a fucking punk" as you speak with 911, while at the same time disregarding the operator's advice to stop following him. On this one you can be assured huge numbers of white people will back your claim that race had nothing to do with your actions, or choice of words.

5. When in a confrontation with said young black male it is okay to not identify yourself in any way, or explain why you are, or were following him.

6. Most importantly, when you are engaged in a fist fight it is legal to pull your weapon and kill him.

On the other hand:

7. If you are a black kid on foot wearing a hoodie you are fair game for any coward who is so frightened of you and your race he feels it necessary to carry a gun and use it.

8. You have absolutely no right to defend yourself when being stalked by an unknown person in an unfamiliar neighborhood on a dark and rainy night.

9. If you're an immature 17 year old who has posted some things on facebook and twitter that are--well--immature, you've just given your murderer a valid excuse.

10. Smoking marijuana at any point in your life, even though it is legal in a couple of states, makes you a violent criminal who society is better off without. Think the film, "Reefer Madness," and you'll get the picture.

The innocent verdict came in last night. The media is still referring to this as The George Zimmerman Trial. It was never the George Zimmerman trial. From day one and I'm talking about the night he was shot, this has been The Trayvon Martin Trial. That is right. Make no mistake about it. Trayvon Martin was the one being prosecuted by not only the defense team, but by the right wing media and racist segments of the white public. Last night he was found guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and of being seen by the wrong guy. Other counts include being a black male and dressing in a manner that white folks deem threatening.

While none of that sounds terribly serious the other thing we learned about Florida is that down there, those sorts of charges can and will get you the death penalty.

Welcome to The New South and America.


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