Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zombies, Hacks, and the Beaten Take to the Campaign Trail

It is a gruesome lot campaigning for Mitt Romney now and in the near future. Everyone who was once someone is on the stump rallying the troops as the news about Mr. Romney's tenure and business practices at Bain Capital start to take their toll.

The Romney people even dragged that dreadful old zombie John Sununu out of his grave to make a conference call. The former governor of New Hampshire and white house chief of staff immediately dived in with the sort of vitriolic nonsense we can expect from every Romney surrogate between now and November. To quote, "I wish Obama would learn how to be an American." It was a cold blooded play straight to the dark hearts of the birthers and the tea party fanatics.

Later in the conversation Sununu backed off that statement a little, saying he meant that he wished Obama would learn the American formula for creating business. "If," he said, "I didn't give that detail, I apologize." What horse shit. He knew no one would hear "the apology" because everyone would be busy tweeting the original statement. It is typical right wing slash and burn politics. Make the outrageous statement, question some one's nationality, bravery, or patriotism then quietly step back from it when no one is listening.

During the next few months Mitt Romney will, for the most part anyway, take the high road. In the mean time he'll turn his button men loose to level attacks so savage, so filled with half truths and out right lies that it will even make the ghost of Josef Goebbels blush. The witch hunts of Big Joe McCarthy will look like afternoons out by the pool with ice tea and cucumber sandwiches. Ugly won't even begin to describe it.

In the next few days the beaten and disgraced will be opening Romney "victory" offices across the country. Newt Gingrich will be in Jacksonville, Florida. Presumably the Romney people won't let him venture further north than Macon, Georgia, or anywhere near a Tiffany's jewelry store. Beyond the recesses of the deep south the man is an absolute cancer.

Rick Perry is opening a similar office in Elko Nevada. That is an interesting strategy. Nevada has a large Mormon population and some of Perry's evangelical supporters are quite open in their hostility toward the church of Latter Day Saints. Of course, not to disparage the good citizens of Elko, there aren't a whole lot of people outside of Nevada who have the slightest idea where the town is located. Indeed, if it wasn't for a sordid adventure that included Justice Clarence Thomas and the late Hunter Thompson many of us would have never even heard of it.

Rick Santorum will be opening a campaign office in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, despite having once stated publicly that Romney was "the worst republican in the country to put up against Barak Obama." One can only wonder if Santorum will sleep walk through his support for Mr. Romney, all the while secretly hoping the former governor will lose so the door will be open for him in four years.

Everyone else out there is auditioning for the vice presidential nod. Senator Bob Portman of Ohio will be in Cincinnati. Governor Bobby Jindal will make an appearance in Baton Rouge and Chris Christie of New Jersey will try to shed a few pounds on a fund raising tour.

The faces are old and new and the motives are wide spread. Ambassadorships and cabinet spots must be filled, but it will only work if Mitt is the winner in November. Old grudges and misgivings must be swept under the rug for the time being. When money and power are on the line many sins are forgiven, at least temporarily.

In Oklahoma we will be spared most of the verbose promises and accusations because the results here are a foregone conclusion. No one in their right mind will spend a dime of their ill gotten gains preaching to the screeching choir, or trying to convert what amounts to the republican version of the Taliban.

No, that money will be spent in places like Ohio, Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania among others. Places that will decide this election.

It won't be pretty, but it will be close. Look for ballot boxes to be deposited at the bottom of rivers lakes and oceans. The dead will cast ballots and so will their dogs and cats.

Yes, even the Russians will look on in shocked awe at this one.

That is how far we have fallen and how hate filled this campaign has become. Every act, every statement, no matter how criminal, will be justifiable to someone.

And, things are just getting warmed up. That in itself is not something pleasant to dwell upon. But then, truthfully, none of this circus maximus ever is.


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  1. Normally I wouldn't think Romney is much of a candidate nor threat to President Obama. However, with the nation divided as it is, he will receive support and votes from the Teapublicans who would for anyone running against the President.