Monday, July 2, 2012

The Som Sabadell Flash Mob, Hope and Sentimentality

Sometimes, no many times, it is easy to lose all faith in humanity. Especially when you dwell on the news and write about what you see on a daily basis.

The brute ugliness of humans is spread across newspapers, tv screens, and the Internet to the exclusion of all else on most days.

As the man in a quite mediocre film once said, "If it bleeds, it leads."

Indeed there is this terrible fascination with all things bad and it starts from this keyboard and works its way to those who read the blog and watch cable and local news.

Murder, war, rape, buggery of all sorts, abject greed, dangerous alliances between the corporate world and political parties, and an absolute absence of common sense and decency appears to be the norm. In fact many times it easy to assume these terrible sins are all we are capable of as a species.

Sadly, much of the time that is true. Some escape into alcohol and drugs, others into fantasy world memories. Memories of times and places that never really existed, or if they did were tinged with a dark underside none of us will admit to in our recollections.

However, once in a great while something comes across the screen that reminds us we are capable of more. I'm not talking about a heroic rescue or acts of great bravery and kindness although when those occur they do inspire. I'm talking about simple things that suddenly remind us of the brilliant hope and wonder that dwell deep within most of us. The simple things that make us different from the beasts in the fields and jungles.

I will admit up front that I have an affinity for classical music. It is by no means what I listen to exclusively, but be assured that as I am composing these posts documenting all manner of depravity and expressing my thoughts regarding them I am listening to anyone from Mozart, to Beethoven, and more. Sometimes as I'm typing I think of Malcolm McDowell's character in "A Clockwork Orange," being forced to listen to Beethoven's ninth symphony as he watches endless reels of death camp footage.

I will also admit that, as with every cynic, if you scratch me you will find hidden away the bruised soul of an idealist. There is also a streak of rank sentimentality tucked away in there somewhere. I like to blame my Irish great grand parents for that bit of DNA.

That is why when I do, once in a while, stumble across something that reminds me that deep within much of the human race there is something akin to holiness I get the proverbial lump in the throat.

I would suggest that you now exit this blog and go to YouTube. Once there search out "Som Sabadell Flash Mob." Listen to the music, but pay attention to the reaction of the crowd, especially the children.

Trust me, it will be the best five minutes and forty one seconds of your day.

It will remind you, for a few moments at least, we are better than we seem.



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