Friday, July 27, 2012

Polls, Jimmy Holmes, Robert Bacharach, Brutes, and Arrogance

NBC News is reporting that the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Barak Obama leads Mitt Romney 49% to 43%. That six point lead is double last month's three point advantage the president held over the former head of Bain Capital. In twelve battleground states, where the election will be decided the results this month are almost exactly the same as the numbers in June. President Obama leads 49% to 41%.

Of those responding 45% thought Obama would be a better commander in chief while 35% believed Mitt Romney would. Additionally when asked who was knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle the presidency 48% favored the incumbent, only 32% chose the challenger.

Bloomberg also ran a poll that showed Obama leading 53% to 40% among likely voters. It reports that when asked who is more out of touch with the average American the response was Mr. Romney 55% to Mr. Obama's 36%. In a bit of fluff the poll also showed that 57% of those asked would chose the president as a seat mate on a long airline flight as opposed to 31% who would prefer to sit next to Mr. Romney.

It isn't all rosy for the president though. In that NBC/WSJ poll 43% thought Brother Romney had the good ideas to improve the economy as opposed to 36% for Obama. If we know one thing about the voting habits of this nation it is that if all else is equal, or maybe even not so equal, the economy is the deciding factor in presidential elections. Just why the public would turn the economy back over the the party that started the great recession in the first place isn't clear, but it is obvious that no one on the left side of things should break out the champagne yet.

Other dispatches reveal that accused Aurora, Colorado shooter, James Holmes has been asking jailers if they have seen the Batman movie. His keepers have said he is curious as to how it ends. In addition, the gossip site TMZ is reporting that Mr. Holmes engaged the services of a few prostitutes last year. One of them remembered him specifically from August of 2011 and said he seemed, "very nice."

In Washington, Senate majority leader Harry Reid is working on a procedural move to force a vote on the nomination of Robert Bacharach to a federal appeals court seat. The Oklahoman's Chris Casteel reports that Reid will need all 51 democrats, the 2 independents and 7 republicans to make the deal work. Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has called the refusal of the senate to vote on Bacharach's nomination as stupid. What Coburn didn't say was that until The Oklahoman and OPUBCO gave him a not so subtle shove in the back he sat on the nomination himself for weeks. According to Casteel, Senator James Inhofe is on record as saying delaying votes on judicial nominees is unconstitutional. Of course Inhofe tends to believe everything is unconstitutional and that includes portions of the constitution itself. Casteel says if Reid is successful a vote could come as early as Monday.

Locally, Luis Ruiz and Jimmy Massey appeared earlier in the week via closed circuit TV before special judge Russell Hall. The judge read the charges against them and denied both of them bail in the Carina Saunders murder case. Messrs Ruiz and Massey will next appear in the dock on August 9th.

Finally, discussions are revolving around whether the U.S. Olympic team flag bearer, Mariel Zagunis will dip the flag as the delegation passes by Queen Elizabeth II in tonight's opening ceremonies. Dipping the flag slightly is an international sign of respect and goodwill that the Americans traditionally ignore, no matter who the head of state is.

And there you have it, polls, insanity, politics, brutes, and arrogance. It is just another hot and sweaty all American July day. Luckily there haven't been any new outrages against humanity, at least not yet.

We can always hope, no matter how vainly, the lull will be an extended one.


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