Thursday, January 19, 2012

The New Wolf's Lair Resort, Newt and El Mitt

Some days the news comes in so fast and weird that it is hard to digest, or at least reconcile with any sort of logic.

In Poland the "local forest authorities" are looking for investors to turn the Wolfsschanze into a tourist attraction. The English translation, of Wolfsschanze, which isn't entirely correct, is "Wolf's Lair".

The Wolf's Lair would be the late and unlamented Adolf Hitler's eastern military headquarters. Located in north east Poland, just up the road from Auschwitz, it was where he ran the invasion of Russia. He and his pals like Martin Bormann, Albert Speer, and Hermann Goring among others hung out in the complex and listened to Beethoven, Mozart, and Wagner between military briefings. Herr Hitler used to walk his dog there in the mornings while meditating. That would before he poisoned the poor beast in order to test the efficiency of the type of cyanide pill he would later take himself.

So far, there haven't been any offers for the property. Major investors seem a bit not there with buying into a large tract of land and crumbling ruins, then actually building and refurbishing a place where the greatest mass murderer of the twentieth century ran his war machine. Yes, somehow a three or four star hotel, not to mention a fully stocked gift shop would seem to be a tad in bad taste.

Back here Newt Gingrich's second wife is about to go on ABC and say that Newt came to her, confessed to having a long term affair with Callista Bisek, but wanted to stay married to her. Marianne Gingrich, who was having sex with Newt before his divorce from his first wife, Jackie was final says Newt wanted an "open marriage". In other words he wanted to keep banging Callista while he was married to her. She says Newt filed for divorce just a few months after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Newt began his affair with her after his first wife was diagnosed with cancer. A note to his current wife, Callista: don't get sick.

And finally it is reported that Mitt Romney was on board with the Marriott Corporation during a time when they were accused and being sued multiple times for taking kickbacks and cheating clients out of huge amounts of money. While there is no record that Romney approved of the kickbacks he certainly knew of them and never repudiated the business practices of the Marriott Corp. despite the law suits and censures by numerous courts. This maybe that business experience our man, Willard Mitt Romney is bragging about. After all, if you can't be good at cheating other businessmen, how can you be expected to rake the average middle class American over the coals.

Yes, it was a weird and eclectic day.

There are times when you kick back with that third martini, shake your head and just wonder if this world is all some sort of practical joke played upon humankind by God. Or, if we're the ones playing the jokes on ourselves.

There is a reason I take communion.


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  1. don't take communion

    but do view this as a joke
    we are playing on ourselves