Friday, January 20, 2012

Clueless in Oklahoma City: Alina Fitzpatrick, The Medical Examiner, and The OKCPD

In the Friday, January 20 edition of The Oklahoman there is a story by staff writer, Matt Dinger regarding the investigation, or lack there of into the death of Alina Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick went missing on November 4, 2011 and her body was discovered in far northeast Oklahoma City on November 9. She was the third girl to be murdered within a month in the metro area.

Or was she? According to Dinger's story, pathologist Chai S. Choi lists the probable cause of death as unknown, but hints that it could be methamphetamine toxicity. So far the ME's office has yet to determine if she died by accident, or was murdered. Tests showed there were 0.96 micrograms per milliliter of meth in her heart blood. It is an amount that might, or might not be fatal. Dinger says Choi went on to write, "There are apparently suspicious circumstances surrounding her death."

You think?

The same report notes that she was found nude, had been gagged with either wet paper, or a cotton like material, and had multiple abrasions on her head caused by blunt force as well as hemorrhaging and swelling. Her body had widespread bruising and  abrasions thought to have occurred about the time she died.

Yes, I suppose that does sound fairly suspicious.

Her death and those of Carina Saunders and Kelsey Bransby have been the subject of several blog posts by other authors. One, without citing any sources, has claimed Fitzpatrick was upset because some stranger had gotten access to her cell phone number and was making disturbing calls to her--that she complained of a strange man following her and she was deliberately vague on the exact location of the apartment she was visiting the day she disappeared. All of this, without any substantiation, remains simply rumors.

What is certain is we have two choices here. She did have meth in her system, that is a reality. So she got sky high, then was either able to get out into the middle of nowhere on her own, undress, go running around stark naked in a field falling numerous times, thereby beating herself to a pulp, and finally decided to dine on a wad of wet note book paper, or she was murdered by monster or monsters unknown. I'll admit I'm no Holmes, but I tend to go with the second option.

Obviously that isn't every one's choice. According to Dinger, OKCPD Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow has said that although officers are keeping a file on the case, they are not currently investigating her death as a homicide. Unless that is an investigative ruse it must be of great comfort to someone out there. It certainly cannot be to the parents of Alina Fitzpatrick, or those of any other teen aged girl running around this burg.

In the end there seems to be something else going on here that the public and press aren't privy to. Obviously there are no Detective Columbo's, or CSI Miami labs in the real world, but this lack of concern and befuddlement by every official involved is so callous and or inept that the word shocking is a terrible understatement.

If this is the best law enforcement in this town can do we'd all better lock our doors and windows and buy large caliber weapons. Because quite frankly, we're on our own.


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