Saturday, January 21, 2017



From German mythology. The twilight of the Gods--their ultimate destruction in a battle with the forces of evil.

That's what it seemed like yesterday. The destruction of all that is good, noble, decent, and caring. In addition, there was the distinct feeling a new dark age had arrived, a time in which science once again would be considered heresy unless it conformed to the ruling political and social paradigm.

A little over 24 hours ago we were confronted with a horrid display of kitsch in both oratory content and martial display. The fascists, xenophobes, and white supremacists swooned in spiritual and orgasmic ecstasy as their man suddenly found religion and took the oath of office with his hand on a bible. Religion is a practice he hasn't had any use for over the years and the book is one he's proven to have little, if any, knowledge of. As always, none of those who worship him either noticed, or cared. As we've learned, when it comes to Trump, his disciples scrupulously ignore his lack of a firm moral compass and his gleeful self indulgent behavior.

Holding the revealed word of God was his wife, a woman who one supporter, a few weeks ago, described as, "classy," while at the same time calling, Michelle Obama an ape in heels. A verifiable part of the current Mrs. Trump's, "classy," history is she posed nude while performing a lesbian scene with another naked woman during a photo shoot. The finished product of the session was released, with her approval, for public consumption. A second was to plagiarize an entire section of her GOP convention speech from one given previously by the aforementioned, "ape in heels."   

Unwittingly describing the extreme irony and vile insanity of yesterday's theater of the absurd was a Trump supporter, Dorothy Huebner. She was quoted as saying, "Praise the Lord. I am excited beyond belief we have a conservative Christian man to run our country. I'm thrilled our country will get back on track with what our founding fathers intended."

It is unclear which hallucinogens Ms. Huebner had ingested before making her statement to the press.

Of course she might be right when it comes to part of what she said. Especially when you realize about half our founding fathers not only believed in slavery, but owned more than a few, while all of them were hell bent on committing genocide when it came to native Americans.

Not to mention that within a scant few decades their political descendants would send out U.S. troops to facilitate the seizure of a massive chunk of Mexican territory. It is the same huge parcel of real estate Donald Trump now wants to seal off from Mexico with a wall.

It is hard to tell when the disillusionment will set in for rubes like Dorothy Huebner. First off, the orange dude spent months on the campaign trail incessantly promising to prosecute Hillary Clinton. During that time there was hardly a single rally where he didn't bathe in the chants of, "lock her up, lock her up," as he would jut out his chin and nod. He didn't even wait to be sworn in to go back on his word. Then yesterday, during a luncheon, he gushed that he was honored, "...very, very honored," Clinton and her husband had attended the ceremonies.

It was as if he'd never said a word about jailing her.

It was an undiluted instance of Orwellian surrealism--rather like the whole birther thing he promoted relentlessly for years, then dropped like a hot rock during the campaign. After months of not so artfully dodging the subject he finally admitted there was no doubt, Barack Obama had been born in the United States.

It would seem once the votes are counted, or if it is, at the moment, politically advantageous all bets are off with Don Trump. He'll deny he said something, even though news agencies have him on tape saying it. In that regard he has proven himself to be what Ted Cruz said he is, "...a congenital liar."

Given what we know about the man we can look for his populist shit to come to an end during the next few months. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. All you have to do is look at his cabinet to realize why. Rex Tillerson is connected at the hip to the largest special interest in the world, the one known as big oil. Steven Mnuchin spent the last few years of his career foreclosing on the homes of people such as Dorothy Huebner. Does anyone really think those two brutes and Wilbur Ross give a rat's ass about the average American working person? Hell, screwing them over is how they made their billions.

Indeed, Ms. Huebner and those like her, along with the rest of us, are fucked. The only difference is we know it and she and the other blue collar Trumpists haven't figured it out yet.

Down in Florida, a pilot named Jim Bizzell realizes what is happening. He voted for an independent in November. Of Trump he said, "You just don't want a used car salesman as president."

Or worse, a Bernie Madoff with fascist tendencies. 

Tragically, for we the people, that's exactly who took office on January 20th, 2017.


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