Monday, January 30, 2017

A Bad Saturday Night in Midwest City: It's What America Has Relentlessly Lobbied For

As Herr Trump raves on about crowd sizes, immigrants, and who is going to pay for his wall, it felt like we should pause for a moment to take a look at what is going on locally.

The search was a quick one. Thanks to the local paper's barely post sunset deadline, we had to wait until this morning to read about a friendly little get together gone bad Saturday night in Midwest City, OK.

According to a witness four pals were hanging out in the living room of small rental property on Babb Drive in the east side burb. They were Terrence Jackson, Donielle Gregory, Derrel Barksdale Jr, and Roman Rocha Pugh who sometimes goes by the street name, "Psycho."

They were a high strung bunch. Gregory had been released from prison in 2015 after serving 18 parts of a 27 year stretch for second degree murder. "The Oklahoman's," Matt Dinger wrote that by Saturday evening he was out on bail while waiting for another trial--this one on drug charges. Barksdale had previous convictions for accessory to murder after the fact, firearms possession, and possession of cocaine. Our man, "Psycho," Pugh had done time for shooting with intent to kill, possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, and possession of coke.

Dinger writes, the witness, a woman who rents the place, told police the guys were all seemingly having a good time while she was in a back bedroom with her 10 year old daughter.

Then, as happens so often in this age of the American gun, someone, for some reason, opened fire. At the moment police can only speculate about what prompted the shooting. Perhaps the group ran low on salsa, or worse, out of chips. Hey, it doesn't take much these days.

What we do know is, during the outbreak of gunfire, the witness grabbed her daughter and bailed out a window. She jumped into her car, then was approached by Pugh as she was trying to get it started. Psycho, who routinely visited the house, told her, "I'm gone." After the terse goodbye he fled on foot. In doing so he abandoned his own vehicle at the scene, but the woman assured the cops he kept the gun he was carrying. Well of course he did. What true American wouldn't?

Inside, investigators found Gregory, Barksdale, and Jackson dead. Chief of the Midwest City Police, Brandon Clabes told Dinger it was the first triple homicide in the history of Midwest City. In addition he said the suspect is still on the loose.

The chief also issued a warning, saying authorities consider Pugh, "...extremely armed and dangerous," and that, "...he is a threat to society."

You think?

It is right about now the usual, "Ghost Shirt Papers," rant about guns and their availability begins. But, let's face it, why should anyone give a shit at this point? It's obvious the firearms aren't going away. In fact guys like, Psycho Pugh and crimes such as this just drive ever growing herds of terrified sheep into gun stores.

So, after countless futile attacks on the gun culture, firearm manufacturers, and the demented fucks running the NRA, I give up. Indeed--have at it America. Go ahead and blow each others heads off at a rate unprecedented outside of third world hell holes and war zones. It's what you've relentlessly lobbied for and, in the end, just like Donald J. Trump, it is what you deserve.

sic vita est


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