Monday, November 21, 2016

Two Months Out and Things Begin to Get Ugly

We are still two months out from the inauguration of America's first openly proud fascist president and things have already begun to get ugly.

Trump surrogates are talking about how there have been historical precedents which could be used to justify the establishment of a, "registry," listing immigrants coming in from countries where terrorist groups are active. In the words of Carl Higbie, a former spokesperson for the pro Trump super pac, Great America, "We've done it based on race--we've done it based on religion." In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Highbie wouldn't go so far as to endorse internment camps, but he did mention the WWII era roundup and forcible detainment of Japanese Americans as one of those precedents.

In the mean time, Vice President Elect, Mike Pence has said the incoming administration will not rule out water boarding and other means of, enhanced interrogation techniques. It remains unknown if the new administration would limit the use of such methods--which could lead to American troops and intelligence operatives being charged with war crimes--to enemy combatants in places like Iraq, or if the new administration would be willing to subject a  U.S. citizen to such treatment after he, or she walks out of a mosque in, let's say, Edmond, Oklahoma.   

Also last week two Episcopal churches were vandalized. The Church of Our Savior in Hillandale, Maryland, which has a large number of Hispanics in its congregation, had the words, "Trump Nation Whites Only," spray painted in two places on the grounds. The first was on a brick wall bordering the church's garden and the second was on the back of a banner which advertised the times of Spanish language Holy Eucharists. The banner was also slashed with a knife.

In Bean Blossom, Indiana, St. David's Church had the words, "Fag church and Heil Trump" spray painted on two different walls. On a third was a swastika. Since their man is the first official Info Wars/conspiracy theorist candidate it didn't take long for Trump supporters to begin accusing those devious Anglicans of committing a couple of, "false flag operations." You know, they defaced their own places of worship in order to make it look like Trumpists are running amok.

Meanwhile El Don's followers launched a wave of enraged twitter attacks against, @HamiltonTheatre. It was their response to a cast member of the play, "Hamilton," reading a pro democracy and diversity statement during a curtain call to, Mike Pence who was in the audience.

The vindictive tweets began after the big orange guy took to twitter claiming the producers and cast of, "Hamilton," went out of their way to harass, Pence. The President Elect demanded an immediate apology and because he's Donald Trump who, at his core, is a petty bully, he, couldn't help but label the critically acclaimed and wildly popular production as, "overrated."

Since most of Trump's devotees are too stupid and lazy to do on line research and lack anything even resembling impulse control, much of the vitriol was wasted. The New York production of "Hamilton," where the actor made his brief speech has the twitter account @HamiltonMusical. @HamiltonTheatre belongs to the Hamilton Theatre in, you guessed it,  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They are currently running a stage adaptation of the cult film, "Toxic Avenger."

Right now the only glimmer of light to come out of this head long dive down the dark hole of xenophobic nationalism is that most of us who cast ballots on election day actually aren't nuts. As of today Hillary Rodham Clinton is ahead in the nationwide vote by 1.5 million. The margin of her real time popular lead is another truth which conspiracy theorists are desperately trying to disprove by just making shit up.

Although those of us with functioning brains know Clinton's popular lead is real, it is of little comfort. In fact, such knowledge only deepens the bitterness. Despite her win when it comes to the number of total of votes cast we are still stuck with an unstable, narcissistic, loon who openly panders to all that's evil in America. And, although many--especially those of European descent--might survive his reign, the real question is, will the republic?

Tragically, at least from here, at this moment, it appears the odds of that happening aren't particularly good.

sic vita est


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  1. Question: How bad will it have to get before Trump's supporters see the error of their ways?

    Answer: it doesn't mstter. They won't see the error of their ways because they won't want to.