Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The New Look Amerika, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Trump Properties: If You're Black, Hispanic, or Muslim, Sorry There are no Vacancies

Things started to feel out of whack around Halloween weekend. The polls had gone schizophrenic. The results of varying surveys produced such conflicting data it seemed as if the pollsters had been talking to people not just in Philadelphia, but also Ulan Bator. Even more disturbing was the news early voting in heavily democratic areas was a fraction of what it had been four years ago.

Then came that slime Anthony Weiner and a FBI Director who seemed so desperate to keep his job come January he tried to mollify not just Don Trump, but at the last minute, Hillary Clinton. James Comey drove the Trumpster and his people into orgasmic spasms when he announced a trove of, "new," Clinton emails had been discovered on Weiner's computer just as serious pre-election day voting was beginning. After this shocking news roiled the public and media, only slightly more than 24 hours before the polls opened, Comey issued a statement which basically said, "Oops, never mind. There's nothing of interest here."

By yesterday evening the sense of impending doom had become overwhelming despite the steadfast optimism of my wife. It worsened when the first returns began to trickle in. Yes, they were from states no one expected Secretary Clinton to carry, but her numbers were horrifically minuscule compared to Trump's.

MSNBC's talking heads kept talking different demographics, but even those looked ominous. Clinton's lead among white college educated persons wasn't nearly the margin Trump held among people without college educations and--as anyone who can count will tell you--there are a hell of a lot more people out there who never went to college than did.

So now we're stuck with the decadent, lying, bastard for at least four years. The only possible good news to come from this nightmare is he promised the vile racist fools who voted for him everything from a wall, to mass deportations and, state sponsored religious intolerance. Now, he'll have to deliver on all of it and when he doesn't, or can't the mob will turn on him. He will, in their eyes, have become the same type of professional Washington insider they've howled so loudly about for over a year.

That's in addition to the 20 plus million people he's going to royally piss off when he deep sixes their health care. Tragically, because of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, many of them might not make it to 2020.

There has been talk, both serious and otherwise, of democrats moving to places like Canada en masse now that Donald Trump is set to fuck up the country beyond all recognition. A friend of mine says his personal preference is Costa Rica, but then he likes to surf. While I'll admit I've thought about it, for a couple of reasons I think I'll stick around.

Yes, it is going to get bad, perhaps Great Depression bad. However, the truth is if someone is going to move it needs to be those poor souls living in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine. That's because as soon as Donald John Trump finishes giving Vladimir Putin a blow job, he's going to tell him, go ahead--invade whoever you want in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We no longer care what  Russia does, or how they do it.

Indeed. Welcome to the new look Amerika, a vassal of Russia and a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump Properties. If you're Black, Hispanic, or Muslim, sorry, there are no vacancies.


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  1. I also sensed several days before election Tuesday that we may be in for a shock. It is interesting that, since Hillary conceded, Trump has actually acted impressively presidential. Its a step in the right direction, but we're a long way from me being won over. What we may be seeing is classic business strategy -- which Donald knows better than anybody. Say and do the things everyone will like at first to get us relaxed and feeling good about a Trump presidency, and then in a few weeks or months slowly but steadily revert to form. By the time the public notices, it will be too late. I do hope the bar remains open.