Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Two Weeks Left: November 8th Can't Get Here Quck Enough

With two weeks left before the election Mr. Donald John Trump is running completely amok. Lies and half truths are flying out of the big orange guy nonstop now. It is a level of desperate deception unprecedented in American national politics.

Yesterday he tweeted, "We are winning and the press is refusing to report it. Don't let them fool you--get out and vote #draintheswamp on November 8th." He also claimed the democrats are making up fake polls to suppress his support. Then, later in the day, in front of some Florida farmers he claimed it was actually the media who is promoting "phony polls." In true Trump fashion he failed to name any of these faked polls, or the news organizations behind them.

This sudden distrust of polling comes directly on the heels of his assertion, "every poll" showed he won the third presidential debate--one of them going so far as to say over 90% of the people asked said he won it.

In fact he invoked more unnamed polls also on Monday when he said, "Polls show us close in New Hampshire, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. Winning just one of those states would lead us to victory."

Jeez, make up your mind will you, Don. Or, at the very least give it a day before you change your mind about something.

On Sunday he went on TV in Florida to complain about the media. He said, "England has a system where if they are wrong things happen." They do indeed and Americans found it so distasteful we had a revolution so those things wouldn't happen here. It is why there is a first amendment to the constitution guaranteeing it.

NBC reports that on Monday he told another Florida TV outlet the United States military has, "conceptually" endorsed him. It is unclear how he received this information. What is perfectly clear though is the United States armed forces are not permitted to endorse anyone, conceptually, or other wise. In fact the founding fathers were so edgy about the military getting involved in elections they made sure its commander in chief would always be a civilian. As is the Secretary of Defense and the secretaries under him, or her who run each of the branches.

Well these are details which just get in the way and that has never stopped our Don. He is still claiming he has been endorsed by the federal agency known as ICE. That would be Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The agency itself, like the military can't endorse anyone. The actual endorsement Trump got was from the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council. It's a union which represents around 5,000 of ICE's 20,000 plus employees.

Brother Don also claims he has the support of almost every police department in the nation. Again on Monday, he tweeted he had just received an endorsement from the St. John's County (FL) Sheriff's Department. It was news to them. After learning of Trump's tweet the department quickly went on both Facebook and Twitter to say it hasn't endorsed any one.

No wonder WikiLeaks hasn't released damaging emails from the Trump camp. To do so would be completely redundant. Let's face it, all you have to do to catch the bastard in a lie is listen to what he is saying at any given moment. He doesn't even try to cover them up--which says a lot about what Donald Trump really thinks about the American public. And it has from day one of his fetid campaign.

Yes, November 8th can't get here quick enough. Maybe then we will finally be rid of this gruesome werewolf once and for all. 

sic vita est


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  1. But if he wins, its four years of whiskey and Tums. :-(