Friday, October 28, 2016

So Ends the Strange and Gruesome Saga of Jaymie Adams: Joe Cyr Gets Life Without Parole

I am letting any willing man come and have his way with my wife with a little compensation for us to help with our holiday funding we need. So if this sounds hot and fun for you then just email me. We have a hotel for the night and can host for anyone.

A Craigslist ad composed and posted by Justin Adams in early December, 2011

While no one will ever confuse Justin Adams' writing skills with, say, F. Scott Fitzgerald he did get his message across.

According to his testimony his wife, Jaymie had been steadily pulling down tricks on the 9th and 10th of December, 2011. Late the second evening she drove to Midwest City to meet with a man who had been calling and texting her about prices. His name was Joe Cyr. It would be the last time anyone saw her alive.

A group of dirt bikers found her body on January 7th, 2012 in far southeast Oklahoma City. She had been stabbed 29 times and her jaw was broken in three places.

Yesterday, a jury of 11 women and one man found Joseph Richard Cyr guilty of two counts of 1st degree murder. The first was for Jaymie Adams and the second was for her two month old unborn fetus. They gave him two life terms without the possibility of parole.

So ends the strange and gruesome saga of Jaymie Adams. She was the fourth woman murdered in the OKC metro area that fall and winter. The first was Carina Saunders, then Kelsey Bransby, and the third was, Alina Fitzpatrick.

Two of Bransby's friends were implicated in her shooting death and found guilty. The OSBI is still working the Saunders' murder, having taken it over after the Bethany police screwed the pooch so thoroughly no one could tell which end was up. Fitzpatrick's death in early November was almost immediately filed away and forgotten. Rather than call the case a homicide, investigators classified it as "suspicious." Apparently that's the term Oklahoma City police use when they find the nude body of a teenage girl in a field with a gag stuffed in her mouth.

Immediately after Jaymie Adams' body was found her husband began babbling a series of lies in an attempt to cover up the truth he was nothing more than a two bit pimp and his wife was a hooker. All it got him was the focus of police attention.

Justin Adams was initially charged with her murder, but police and the DA's office couldn't make it stick. Then along came Joe Cyr.

During interviews Cyr admitted he had been texting and calling Adams on the 10th, but maintained he didn't actually hook up with her. By April of 2013 police had DNA evidence and were convinced Cyr was the guy.

At the trial the defense admitted Cyr had lied to the cops about meeting her, but said the sex between them was a consensual business deal after which both parties went their separate, merry, ways. The argument was the defendant simply didn't want to admit he had sex with a hooker and he was scared.

The prosecution brought in two female witnesses who claimed the accused had a dark fetish which involved getting women pregnant without their consent. According to the assistant DA, Cyr snapped after Adams insisted he use a condom, then resisted his advances when he refused.

Defense attorneys pointed out that despite the prosecution's assertion Adams left in Cyr's truck there was absolutely none of her DNA, blood, or hair found in his vehicle.

The jury didn't buy it. Cyr's DNA in the body sealed the deal. It took them seven hours to convict and come to an agreement on his sentence.

Kyle Schwab of The Oklahoman reported that as Joe Cyr was led out of the courtroom after the verdict, he turned to relatives and said, "It's okay."

No, it really isn't. Jaymie Adams is still dead. Her goof of a husband, who testified it was her idea to start hooking, is serving a 10 year probation for manslaughter because he facilitated her murder. Now Joseph Richard Cyr is going away for the rest of his life.

How can any of that be okay?

I didn't think so.

Ladies and gentlemen, for obvious reasons, the bar is open.


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  1. There is much darkness in humanity, hiding just underneath the surface of our public faces.