Thursday, September 29, 2016

Trump and Women

The cascade of lies, half truths, denials, and shit he just makes up continues to flow from Mr. Donald John Trump. All of it in the face of mounting evidence the man is everything we loathe and more.

The latest report comes from the Los Angeles Times which dug into law suits filed against the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California and a development firm owned by El Don. Details found within the suits, which were filed in the early and mid 2000's, are just now coming to light.

The focus of the golf course suit had to do with labor practices. As in the employees claimed they weren't allowed rest, or lunch breaks required by CA law. But they also touched on an aspect of the big orange guy's personality and behavior he has been struggling with lately.

In a sworn declaration, former club catering manager, Hayley Strozier stated Brother Don consistently wanted women who he deemed were less than attractive to be fired. In fact things got so bad when managers at the club knew Trump was going to drop in they'd reschedule their staff assignments to make sure only those he'd consider physically appealing were on duty.

Ms. Strozier also stated a former Trump bodyguard, turned organization vice president, told her to fire a female employee because, "Mr. Trump doesn't like fat people and he would not like seeing her when he was on the premises."

Strozier wasn't the only one who talked about Trump's tastes. The club's restaurant manager at the time, Sue Kwiatkowski says Trump pulled her aside one day and told her, "I want you to get some good looking hostesses in here. People like to see good looking people when they come in."

Former Hostess Lucy Messerschmidt claimed one of the managers, Bob Wolbers, told her he was giving her time off during a visit from Trump because, "He likes to see fresh faces and young girls." Messerschmidt was 45 at the time. She maintains she was fired later because she complained about age discrimination.

Food server, Gail Doner noted, "The hostesses that were the youngest and prettiest always got the best shifts." Doner, who was 60, said managers slowly cut back her shifts to the point they stopped calling her at all. She had over 20 years of experience in customer service.

The suit was settled in 2013. It cost Trump's company $475,000, but--does this sound familiar--the judgment allowed the club to do so without admitting any guilt. That's right, he can claim innocence once again.

Yes, this is an evil fuck who sees women as nothing more than arm candy and stage props. If you don't appeal to his sense of, d├ęcor, he not only doesn't want you around, but he's more than willing to refer to you in the most despicable misogynistic terms imaginable.

All of which brings us back to another delusion. According to Donald Trump, "I have great respect for women and will do far more for women than Hillary Clinton." And then, "...all are impressed with how nicely I have treated women."


How is it we have sunk so low that a lying, sexist, racist and xenophobic beast like Donald Trump is within a few votes of the White House?

Perhaps the question shouldn't be asked, because, ultimately, the answer is too awful for many of us to accept.


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  1. Well, I'm not voting for him. He probably would be relieved, as I'm old, fat, and bald.