Friday, September 23, 2016

The First Presidential Debate: Unchecked at Hofstra

The first debate at Hofstra University is right around the corner. Thanks to the unabashed animosity between not just the candidates, but their supporters, chances are it will be the most watched campaign event in the history of American presidential politics. Everyone will be in and only a precious few will be neutral.

So what can we expect?

Thanks to Donald John Trump, a man who is completely unhinged, God only knows. He has already said this and the next two debates are, "rigged." In addition, earlier this week, he called on moderator, Lester Holt not to, "fact check," statements made by the candidates during the course of the evening.

In other words let him blurt out any type of lie, accusation, or denial no matter how crazy without restraint. When, Mrs. Clinton calls him on it he can simply shrug, purse his lips and claim she's the liar--all the while knowing his supporters will never doubt him, as she is, hopefully, driven into a state of flummoxed frustration.

What we do know is one of the topics will be, "America's direction." The mind reels at how dark of an abyss he'll say we've fallen into. At that moment, he will start to hammer with his slogan, "Make America Great Again," which we've understood for ages now is really code for, "Make America White Again."

Think not? Yesterday it was revealed an Ohio county Trump chairperson, Kathy Miller told an interviewer, "I don't think there was racism until Obama got elected," and that racism didn't exist in the 1960's. That's the least of it. She went on to say if African Americans weren't successful in the last half century it was their fault, because they had all the advantages. The state GOP chair immediately demanded her resignation because of the, "insane comments."

Miller called it quits, but the fact remains this loon had managed to secure a position within the campaign. Does anyone really think her views weren't known, or shared by fellow Trumpists in Ohio? No, she just fucked up by going public with them.

We also know the Common Wealth Fund commissioned a study by the Rand Corporation which found Trump's health care proposals, if enacted, will cause the number of uninsured Americans to go from 24.9 million to 44.6 million. Included in that number are anywhere from 5.7 to 7.1 million people who are already in fair to poor health.

In addition the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget found, Trump's tax proposals will add $5.3 trillion to the national debt over the next ten years while Hillary Clinton's would add $200 billion.

Finally we know, El Don is all for a stop and frisk program either in Chicago, or nation wide, depending on which speech you heard. It would be based on the one used a few years ago in New York City. A federal judge put a stop to it in NYC after it was proven four out of every five persons halted, then searched, for absolutely no reason at all, were either black, or Hispanic. Since then, in order to modernize the term racial discrimination, we've called it profiling.

Yes, these are the things the big orange guy can say aren't true thanks to his demand that Holt and others not interrupt the proceedings with an aside to the audience which contains a touch of reality.

He can also maintain those thousands of Muslims in New Jersey he hallucinated about are still celebrating the attacks of 9-11. And, if he is feeling whimsical, claim the moon is made of blue cheese. All he needs to do is employ the bully boy bluster and complete lack of conscience which served him well during the republican primary debates.

Mrs. Clinton needs to be wary. As we've seen lately truth and reason don't always win. Far too often the loud mouthed sociopath who is unchecked does.

sic vita est

*some of the information in this post was supplied by reports from the Associated Press


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