Monday, April 11, 2016

Trump Howls Like a Gut Shot Wolf as Colorado Goes Cruzing

Given the current level of bellicose insanity in the republican presidential nomination process, I have a distinct urge every day to say, "fuck it, fuck it all." Indeed, don't deal with these flesh eating swine on any level. Just grab a cold bottle of Sam Adams, land on the sofa, and watch Gibbs and his NCIS team take down gangs of terrorist scum.

Ah, but the world isn't quite that simple. Besides, everything on day time cable TV, other than the news, is an endless series of reruns. Let's face, it one can handle DiNozzo ogling Ziva while Abby slurps down yet another super sized soda for only so long.

So that brings us back to the convoluted side show known as republican party politics.

At the moment, Donald Trump is howling like a gut shot wolf because of what happened over the weekend in Colorado. Saturday, the state republican convention handed Ted Cruz 13 delegates. That's in addition to the 21 he nabbed in congressional district conventions held earlier. The Don was shut out--as in he got zero out of the whole deal.

Yesterday, on a FOX interview he said, "The people out there are going crazy in the Denver area and Colorado itself. They're going crazy because they weren't given a vote. This was given by politicians--it's a crooked deal." Later in the same interview he described disenfranchised Colorado republicans this way, "They're going nuts. They're marching."

Actually they're not, but we all know Trump will never be accused, or convicted of telling the truth in situations such as these.

The Colorado GOP decided months ago to go to a caucus system, because, according to them, they didn't want their delegates stuck with some loser like, Marco Rubio, who currently holds 171 delegates--at least technically--but is out of the race.

The Cruz organization seized the opportunity and put boots on the ground in the state early on. They worked potential caucus participants and party hot shots night and day. The Denver Post admits the entire affair, left nearly one million registered republicans, "on the sidelines," because they either chose not to show up for the complicated proceedings, or didn't know when, or where the initial meetings were held. Predictably, veteran party activists monopolized the confabs and gobbled up delegate spots.

And whose fault is that?

According to The Post, only one paid Trump campaign pro showed up in the state and he arrived far too late in the game. By the time he landed deals were already made: trips had been booked and jobs had been promised. The story also noted both Trump and Kasich declined invitations to speak to the convention Saturday, while Cruz was there with bells on.

Trump's newest aide, Paul Manfort was quoted as saying, Cruz was using, "Gestapo tactics" on delegates. The Cruz campaign was quick to point out the Colorado rules were known by everyone, including Mr. Trump. The local party posted a tweet saying basically the same thing. That would be after someone got into their account and tweeted, "We did it! #never Trump."

The tweet was quickly deleted and party officials declared it was a hack job, or at the very least unauthorized. They promised an investigation into the who and how the post appeared.

As of today, El Donald is holding, 743 delegates, while Cruz has 545. John Kasich, still hoping for Divine Intervention in Cleveland, has 143, nearly 30 less than the aforementioned road kill, Marco Rubio.

Meanwhile, Brother Trump holds a large lead in the polls leading up to the New York primary next Tuesday. However there are two votes he won't get. They belong to his daughter, Ivanka and son, Eric. They can't cast ballots for anyone, because they failed to register.

Their Dad issued a statement saying, "They feel very guilty, but it's fine. I understand." Then, once again proving he hasn't a clue when it comes to election laws he added, "I think they have to have registered a year in advance and they didn't."

Not really Don. The election regulations in New York, you and your kid's home state, read that mail in registration forms had to be postmarked no later than the 25th of last month and received 12 days ago. In person registration also had to be completed by the 25th of March, this year.

Well, what are a few details compared to the big picture?

There are sixteen states left before republicans show up in Cleveland. Trump still insists he can get to the magic number of 1,237 delegates before then. Cruz openly admits he can't, but is promising everyone he'll win a brokered convention. Then there is John Kasich, who appears increasingly delusional. The Ohio governor is still around, but current party rules say he hasn't won enough states to have his name even placed in nomination.

Yes, it is madness as the party of Warren G. Harding teeters on the abyss. They can nominate Trump, who will almost surely lose the general election. Or, they can nominate someone else during a rock-em-sock-em floor fight which will convince huge numbers of those wild eyed Trumpists the party and system really is completely corrupt and not worth supporting in November, or ever again.

Ladies and gentlemen of the republican persuasion welcome to the very narrow opening between a rather large rock and that place which is unbearably hard.

sic vita est


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