Monday, April 25, 2016

That Didn't Take Long: The Crazies Say the Rhoden Massacre in Ohio was Faked

That didn't take long.

The conspiracy theory bed bugs are already taking to YouTube alleging the massacre of the Rhoden family in Ohio has somehow been faked.

Well actually, not all of them. A guy calling himself, HowIseeIt believes the nightmare really did happen. He claims he's certain of it because the dark forces behind previous fake mass shootings--A. couldn't control the situation in Ohio--B. the nefarious people running CNN didn't have exclusive rights to the story and--C. there have been no face to face interviews with grieving family members talking about the need for gun control.

In truth, HowIseeIt seemed barely interested with the Ohio killings. Most of his video dwells on the aftermaths in places like, Santa Barbara where, Elliot Rodgers killed six people and wounded 13, the Charleston, SC church massacre, the Virginia on air murders of a TV reporter and her cameraman, and of course, Adam Lanza's deadly escapade at the Sandy Hook, CT elementary school.

Basically the presentation was a rehashed collection of grotesque accusations which claims those killed at each location mentioned never existed and their survivors were nothing more than paid crisis actors. At the end of this gruesome litany HowIseeIt  righteously preached all those incompetent, government paid actors have collectively spit in the faces of the surviving Rhoden family--in advance.

Of course it is easy to point out if you are a living member of the Ohio Rhodens you could be avoiding the local and national media simply because, given the circumstances, you really want to keep your ass out of sight right now.

That's just a thought though.

Despite what HowIseeIt says, there is no fooling, HookedonyourHOAX. In his convoluted head it comes down to questions of multiple county agencies wanting to increase their budgets, numerology, and Ohio Governor, John Kasich. In the comments section, someone with the charming moniker, Damienfuckyoubitch broaches the subject. He, or she, poses the suggestion, "Could be a false flag operation initiated by Governor Kasich linked to marijuana production to shoot down future legislation." Hookedon responded immediately. In part he said, "Absolutely this hoax was produced because of Kasich."

That's a real switch. According to these goofs, the feds and specifically Barack H. Obama weren't involved in the horrifying scam, but a republican presidential candidate took out time from his campaign to orchestrate it.

Finally we get to Gr8PainDotCOm. He has a ton of questions about the reality of the situation, last Friday. Our boy plays two different 911 calls. One is from a distraught woman who found the first two bodies. In her terrified anguish, she described the scene as having blood everywhere and tells the operator it looks like her two brother in laws had, "the shit beat out of them."

Gr8 leaps on this, immediately, questioning why the woman would have told the operator the two men were beat to death rather than saying they had been shot in the head. The next call, alerting authorities to the eighth victim, comes from a man who is more composed. He tells the 911 responder his cousin has been shot in the head. Then, without even a moment of pause to consider the irony of what he is saying, Gr8 sees it as odd the caller used the term, "shot in the head," the very words he said the panicked woman should have used.

He also finds it highly suspicious the assembled ambulances called in to transport the victims were forced to park so far away from the crime scenes and their crews had to wait an extended time to pick up the bodies. In addition he was darkly curious about why the police had cordoned off such an expansive area. Gr8 is convinced it was in order to keep, "prying eyes and cameras" away from the alleged carnage which really didn't exist.

While not being a professional, just off the top of the ol' noggin' I'd think both actions probably had to do with processing multiple crime scenes containing several victims and the possibility the shooter, or shooters were still nearby.

But hey, that's just me.

It is convenient to ignore these terrible fools, or laugh at them. However, none of us should ever dismiss evil and that is exactly what they are. What else would you call someone who copies TV interviews with devastated parents and loved ones after reprehensible crimes--then replays them on YouTube while superimposing things like, "fake crying, LOL, and crisis actor," across their faces.

In the end, these bastards are the brothers and sisters of Donald Trump's  base. To this day Mr. Trump still claims he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the terrorist attack that brought down the World Trade Center towers. He has never retracted allegations he raised about Obama's birth place which have been proven again and again to be so much nonsense. In front of a crowd, as recently as a couple of months ago, his answer to a supporter about Obama's religion was, "I don't know what he is."

During his campaign, El Donald has practically become a regular phone in guest on Alex Jones' radio show, Info Wars. One of Jones' latest topics? Beyoncé's album, "Lemonade," is a CIA funded plot to promote a race war.

No these crazy fucks aren't laughable, because, thanks to the internet, they have a world wide audience. And, their rise like, Herr Hitler's and Comrade Stalin's, are the last thing we should be writing off as nothing more than absurd, surreal, comedy.

Given that, ladies and gentlemen, the bar is most definitely open.

The first toast will be, "Here is to those of us who remain sane."


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