Tuesday, March 15, 2016

So Faced With All This Brutal Lunacy What Are We, the Sane, to Do?

You have to admit it is getting worse every day. Last week, Breitbart News Network reporter Michelle Fields joined the ever growing list of those wounded while attending Donald Trump campaign functions. As she was attempting to ask the candidate a question she was grabbed and viciously thrown aside by Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. The assault left her with bruises up and down her arm.

Afterward, in true Trump fashion, El Donald claimed the incident never happened and that Fields made the whole thing up. This despite numerous witnesses and video evidence to the contrary. Breitbart, who, as an organization, has spent far more time performing fellatio on Mr. Trump than actually reporting what he says, promptly shoved their journalist under the bus and claimed she was mistaken about who grabbed her.

Ms. Fields announced she was quitting the right wing propaganda machine and three senior members of Breitbart's staff joined her. Of course, their departure won't change anything. Breitbart will keep publishing foul bilge online and Trump will continue to bellow crazed bullshit and lies to his out of control, fascist, fans.

So faced with all this brutal lunacy what are we, the sane, to do?

Actually the answer is quite simple. It is, after all March and the greatest sports spectacle in the United States begins tonight with a couple of NCAA basketball tournament play in games--one of them of real concern to those of us with brackets in hand and a bookie on speed dial.

That's right, they are voting all over Ohio today, but the real action will be tonight when Wichita State faces Vanderbilt in Dayton. The Shockers are a gritty outfit who can, if they get past Vandy, cause more than a few problems down the line.

In fact WSU is the reason there is a hole in my selection sheet right now. If they win this evening I have a terrible suspicion they could sneak into the "Sweet 16," round.

Obviously there are other Cinderella types floating around the brackets. In fact I have one, Virginia Commonwealth, ending up in the final four.

Hey, sometimes you go with your gut rather than your brain. It's the reason the sports books in Vegas remain profitable.

I never worry about such things in advance however. When it comes to the men's basketball tournament I have only one true nemesis. That's Mike Krzyzweski and his band of wankers from Duke. They ALWAYS screw me. Bet them to flop and they run deep into the tournament. Bet them to go far and some bunch of clowns like Lehigh takes them out in the first or second round.

Well, what do you expect from a guy whose last name starts with five consonants and only a single part time vowel?

No matter--for a few days, anyway, we can say fuck this vile business of politics. Now is the moment to invest heavily in beer, chips, Bloody Mary mix, and serious anti-anxiety meds. Then around 10pm tonight get the man on the phone and explain to him the outstanding re-sale value of that new Buick sitting in the driveway. Just make sure, as I do, your wife removes all objects which can be thrown at the TV screen when disaster strikes.

Because we know it will. Duke's very presence in the tournament assures us of that.

sic vita est


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  1. Living in KU's backyard, I love it when the Shockers advance deeper into the tournament than the Jayhawks. And, you are right, that team is made out of sandpaper and vinegar, with battery acid used as a binder. As for politics, let us indeed just forget it for a few days and try to absorb the changes in our culture and political landscape, which have come too often and too fast for this old man to have yet fully digested.