Friday, December 4, 2015

E-Coli, Salvador Dali, and Donald Trump Playing Them Just Like a Drum

Late Monday evening the week began to take a downward spiral. That is when an unidentified strain of E-Coli went to work on the old gastro-intestinal system and the hall bathroom became a residence within a residence for days. It was an ugly experience rife with sweats, chills, and other out of control bodily functions best left unsaid.

Meanwhile, amidst the fever and nausea, the rest of the world seemed to take on a Salvador Daliesque quality which harkened back to those days of yore when some of us were known to swallow various questionable substances, of both an organic and clinical nature.

Hey, let's face it, when a major presidential candidate continues to claim he personally saw things which--according to extensively documented history and the testimony of numerous eye witnesses prove never happened--then, gleefully sees his approval ratings go up, things have become so twisted the very concept of reality has become irrelevant.

Donald Trump's campaign, never at a loss for xenophobic bullshit, has tripped off into what amounts to a savage hybrid of George Orwell's Newspeak. The candidate continues to insist he saw, what he said were, "thousands and thousands of people," no doubt Muslim, in Jersey City, NJ celebrating the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. This despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Why? Because, according to him, his campaign has received, "hundreds of tweets," from those same rabid supporters saying they also saw the celebrations. In other wordswhat he is telling people must be true, because the people he is telling it to, tell him it is.

Good God, not even Hitler, or Goebbels had the guts to attempt this sort of crazed logic and they were the consummate pros when it came manipulating the past and condemning a religion in order to rile up the Volk.

Never pausing for a breath, The Don told a crowd in South Carolina that the president's passive defense against radical Islamic terrorists must be because, "...there is something we don't know about Obama."

That would be an unsubtle reference to Trump's birther rants which have fouled the airwaves and social media over the years.

Indeed, the message was clear. Obama really is a closet Muslim--a foreigner--who is facilitating the insidious plots being perpetrated by those seeking the nation's downfall. Trump will deny he ever meant it that way. He'll do his patented series of exaggerated shrugs and claim he was just posing a question to the crowd. He will insist, "The something we don't know about Barack Obama," crack could be anything up to and including simple incompetence. However, there isn't a doubt anyone out there with a functioning brain doesn't understand he was pandering to the most racist beliefs of those white rubes cheering wildly in that South Carolina hall.

Last week the people who run Fact Checker grudgingly admitted Don Trump is impervious to the truth. Well, of course he is. He creates his own truth, no matter how insane, on a daily basis and he knows the people who root for him will believe every word of his version.

That's because he has a perfect understanding of who they are and what they're afraid of.

Yes, you can say a lot things about the dangerously crazy fuck, but he does know his audience. And--he certainly can play them, just like a drum.

sic vita est


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  1. At first, I considered Trump's candidacy a joke, and enjoyed the outrageous hyperbole and ridiculous spectacle. Now, I'm not laughing, I'm worried. What concerns me most is, Trump's audience is not only the slack-jawed, nuke 'em 'til they glow types, but well-educated, otherwise articulate people have embraced him as well. I know several people such as this personally. Now, I fear the joke is on me.