Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Donald Trump: The Next Stop is Internment Camps

As of about 24 hours ago it became official. The United States of America has a full blown fascist running for the office of president. What else would you call a person who wants to ban people from immigrating here, or even arriving as tourists based solely on their religion?

Donald Trump's declaration that he would implement such a reprehensible policy yesterday really shouldn't come as a surprise. Let's face it the evil son of a bitch has already advocated the closure and, or monitoring of mosques and the establishment of a national data base which would keep track of Muslims. He even went so far as to say Muslims should have to carry ID cards.

According to Mr. Trump there is a sizable segment of the Muslim population who, "has a great hatred towards Americans." In addition he said, "Without looking at the various polls it is obvious to anybody that the hatred is beyond comprehension."

A story in the Washington Post, however, says Trump actually did look at a poll. He mumbled something about the Pew Research people, but the Post's staff couldn't find any Pew Polls which supported his broad brush accusations. In order not to be deterred by such an inconvenience, El Donald also cited a recent poll taken by something called The Center for Security Policy.

Indeed, there was one conducted by that outfit and the numbers are shocking. Of those surveyed the CSP found, 25% of Muslims agreed that violence against Americans in the United States is justified as a part of global Jihad. It also found, 51% agreed that Muslims in the U.S. should have a choice between obeying government law, or Sharia.

Hey, something as fancy sounding as The Center for Security Policy should know what it's doing right?

They might, but an unbiased survey about Muslims really isn't on their agenda. The CSP is run by a guy named Frank Gaffney. He was an assistant Secretary of Defense for about seven months during the Reagan administration. His stay was short because even the Reagan brutes quickly came to believe he was fucking nuts.

Brother Gaffney, among other things, claims long time GOP strategist, Grover Norquist has been actively working with radical Islamists for over a decade and Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin is a secret agent of the Muslim Brotherhood. He also says the logo of the United States Missile Defense Agency contains a coded signal showing, "the official U.S. submission to Islam." Finally it's no surprise that, like Trump, he's a birther and claims Obama wasn't born here and is a closeted beer drinking Muslim.

As for the survey the Post says there was nothing scientific about it. It was an online opt-in poll of 600 people. There was no way to tell if any of those who responded to it were even Muslim. In fact, as far as anyone knows, Frank Gaffney responded to his own poll to help skewer the numbers. Given his politics the odds are he did because the results were exactly what he wanted them to be.

Earlier today, republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan said of Don Trump's proposed policy, "This is not who we are as a party."

Well apparently it is exactly who 35% of you are, Mr. Speaker. Because that's the number of people in the GOP who currently support this raving loon according to the latest Reuters/IPSOS poll.

In the final analysis, that percentage, even more than Donald Trump's repulsive rhetoric, is the most appalling thing we have to contemplate amidst this crazed nonsense.

Ladies and gentlemen, the next stop is internment camps. Given what he said yesterday, The Donald has no where else to go, but there. Bet on it.

sic vita est



  1. I keep waiting for the Trump supporters to come to their senses. I have the uncomfortable feeling that it's not going to happen.

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