Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Dispatches: The Mother of All Tabs of Window Pane, Kim Davis is Compared to Parks, King, and Lincoln, Trump in OKC, and Boehner Calls it Quits

Sometimes the question isn't, was that last hit of acid really bad, but rather was it just so powerful the cosmos has changed completely forever?

Let's face it, there are times when reality is so incredibly twisted and the mutants inhabiting it are so utterly depraved, the only conclusion to be reached is you've run across the mother of all tabs of window pane LSD.

Case in point: On Friday, Kim Davis, the county clerk from Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples was given an award at the Values Voters Summit. The, internationally unknown, "Cost of Discipleship," award was presented to her by Mr. Tony Perkins, head of the, Family Research Council.

During the presentation Davis, the thrice divorced mother of two illegitimate children, was compared to civil rights icons, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr, plus Abraham Lincoln. According to Perkins, the former boss of the incestuous child molester, Josh Duggar, Ms. Davis, like, Parks, King, and Lincoln, "...pursued justice at great personal cost."

For those unfamiliar with American history, Parks, King, and Lincoln fought for the inclusion of minorities, African Americans in particular, into what we proudly call, The American Dream. King and Lincoln were murdered because of their beliefs. Ms. Davis has and continues to fight for the exclusion of a minority from that same dream. Her great personal cost was five days in a county lockup while she continued to pull down an $80,000 per year salary.

Ah yes, Brother Perkins' connection makes perfect sense.

Then we come to Mr. Donald Trump. He flew into this burg yesterday to make a speech at the state fairgrounds. A photographer working for the town's daily paper, The Oklahoman, caught the mood, tone and wit of the Trump campaign perfectly. Bryan Terry snapped a shot of El Donald ambling down the middle of the fair's midway, surrounded by not just a crowd of smiling people, but lurid signs and cheap fluffy animal dolls offered as prizes to hapless rubes by professional hucksters.

Earlier in the day Trump had been booed by the same people who gave Kim Davis that award after he called Marco Rubio a clown. When asked about the boos afterward, he flatly denied there had been any and claimed the noise was cheers.

He didn't have to lie so blatantly after his OKC performance. By all reports the crowd of 5,000 plus which was gathered around the fair's band shell stage roared their approval at every wild eyed promise, xenophobic rant, and personal insult spewed by the candidate.

Aiding and abetting the entire odious affair was Willie Robertson, a star of the alleged reality TV show, "Duck Dynasty." Robertson's father, Phil has compared homosexuality with beastiality and claimed African Americans were far happier prior to the civil rights movement than they are now. In his words, during those despicable days," never heard any of 'em singin' the blues."

Finally John Boehner announced he is quitting the House of Representatives at the end of October. The news set off a joyous celebration among the tea party thugs who have done everything in their power to remove him from the Chair of the House the last couple of years. Their disdain of Boehner has been surpassed only by their white hot hatred of Barack H. Obama.

The Joe McCarthy types, which are dreadfully common when it comes to the tea party, are already making threats. The New York Times quotes Texas congressman Roger Williams as saying, "I hope all republicans, including those in the senate, are listening to what grass-roots conservatives are saying: It is time for conservative leadership and conservative principles." In other words, if the next speaker even thinks about compromising with this president we'll fuck with him too.

Yeah, well, despite Williams' dark warning and the giddiness running rampant, the truth is  Boehner quit because he wanted to. He was never in any danger of being voted out by his own party no matter what the ultra right will now claim.

But, hey, what's a little truth when it comes to the big picture?

Yes, given the circumstances, it is time to drink a beer in order to take the edge off the hallucinations. Let's face it, not even, Timothy Leary could deal with shit like this and he was the ultimate pro.

Indeed. Thank God for the Samuel Adams brewery located on Germania Street in Boston.

Not to mention the comfort their products supply.

sic vita est


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