Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Dispatches: There are Martyrs and Then There are Martyrs, Rick Perry Drops Out, and the Latest Polls Show Republicans are Complete Idiots

There are martyrs and then there are martyrs. Over in Kentucky, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis went to jail for five days because she wouldn't issue marriage licenses to gay couples, despite the law of the land. She claimed this was due to her ironclad religious beliefs. After she was let out by federal judge David Bunning she was greeted by a massive choir, a pirated rendition of Survivor's rock anthem, "Eye of the Tiger," and two republican presidential candidates.

When she showed up for work today she told the press she would not interfere with her deputy clerks as they handed out marriage licenses to gays. In her words. she was forced to choose between, " conscience, or my freedom."

So, after a few days in a 21st century lock up it appears she's had enough. That hardly ranks up there with St. Julia who was beaten in the face, had her hair shaved off, was flogged, and finally crucified after she squared off against some pagans in 439 A.D. Not to mention, St. Laura. She pissed off the Moors so much they threw her into a vat of boiling lead.

Ms. Davis still maintains the licenses issued by her deputies aren't valid since her name has been replaced by the words, "Pursuant to a federal court order." The governor of the state and the attorney general disagree. Despite her lack of lasting resolve, one of her lawyers describes her as, "...the bravest woman in America."

Yeah, that's how low we've sunk to.

In other news, Rick Perry called off his campaign for president. This means Carly Fiorina and Bobby Jindal are now engaged in a death struggle over the support of the 100 or 200 people nationwide who would have voted for the former Texas governor.

Then we come to the latest polls which prove once again, vast numbers of Americans in general and republicans in particular are either delusional, or complete idiots.

According to the latest CNN/ORC poll nearly 30% of Americans think Barack Obama isn't a Christian. 43% of republicans are convinced he is a Muslim, and 20% of everyone thinks he was born outside of the United States.

Today, Salon published another survey, this one taken by Public Policy Polling and the numbers rank right up there with your average 7th grader's knowledge of United States geography. After the dust settled they found 66% of Donald Trump's supporters believe Obama is a Muslim and 61% of them are convinced he wasn't born here. Of course it doesn't matter to most of these terrible rubes if he showed up on the planet in Hawaii, or not. Even if he did, 63% of them disagree with the constitution of the United States and think the birthright amendment should be voided. That's right. His old man wasn't an American so even if he was born here he isn't one of us.

It is insanity that compares with the burning witches and the sun circling the earth. Even if any of this nonsense were true, it still doesn't explain their tolerance of Ted Cruz in the campaign. Hell, he is all up front about being born in Canada--which, for all of the mentally challenged yokels out there is a nation utterly separate from the United States--and--at the time of his birth, his father, was not an American citizen.


Anyone still insisting that this vile xenophobia, when it comes to Obama, has nothing to do with race should be lobotomized.

It is also time to realize, Donald Trump is the 21st century American incarnation of Adolf Hitler and his hard core followers are nothing more than a modern version of the brown shirts. Yes, that's right, I just said it and I'm not alone. Even the super conservative, George Will made the link in a column which ran a couple of weeks ago. Trump has tailored his message to directly appeal to the basest instincts of a disenchanted white racist minority who feel set upon by people not like them. He, as the the late unlamented, Herr Hitler promised, wants to make his nation, "Great Again." He preens, poses, and brags. He derides his opponents not on the issues, but their personal appearance and personalities.

Between him, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and the supporters of Kim Davis we have seen the republican party dissolve into the worst sort of toxic swill imaginable.

Abraham Lincoln would be appalled by these obese and horrifying Groupers. And, if he were alive today, he'd never vote for them.

Trust me. There isn't a real student of history who will tell you anything different.


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