Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday on the Southern Plains: Oklahoma Republicans Forced to Apologize, Sarah Palin in the Trump Cabinet, Witticisms Envied by the Ghost of Abe Lincoln, and All Quiet on the Western Front

The first question we should ask ourselves at this point in the dreadful process known as, The American Political System is, could it be everyone involved has swallowed the brown acid, or are they simply nuts?

There are arguments for both, although we don't have any empirical evidence of either. There is, however, a verifiable bizarre and twisted trail of grotesque behavior which leads us to wonder about the mental hygiene of certain persons and organizations.

Locally there is the Oklahoma Republican Party which is chaired by Mr. Randy Brogdan. A little while ago Mr. Brodan either authored, or approved a Facebook post on the party's page which compared people receiving food stamps to animals in national parks who are fed by the tourists. The rancid point being the people on food stamps are akin to the fauna who nibble on offered crackers, bread crumbs, and the like, then grow dependent on handouts, however meager they may be. As a result both humans and animals alike grow lazy and refuse to make their own way in civilization and the wild kingdom.

The post caused such outrage, Brogdon was forced to take it down and issue a statement saying it had, been, "misinterpreted by many." He also apologized to those, "who were offended." This sort of  nonsense should come as no surprise to those familiar with Randy Brogdon. He is so far out there he objects to the Pledge of Allegiance because it refers to the United States as, " nation, indivisible..." thereby ignoring states rights.

Yesterday, OKC's local paper, The Oklahoman, ran a story by Rick M. Green which reported the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women had to recently delete a post on their own Facebook page. According to Green a post appeared which showed an African American hanging from a tree. The caption read, "The KKK was formed by democrats to keep control over black Americans. The democrats of today just traded ropes for welfare."

According to Green, the head of the federation, Pam Pollard issued a statement which said, "I offer my personal apologies and look forward to posting many interesting educational stories in the future."Green writes that Pollard had tracked down the source of the post and banned the person from the group's page. He noted another Facebook page wasn't so quick to delete the same post. As of yesterday it was still available for viewing at, "Breitbart--One Silenced, Millions Awakened."

Then, of course we come to Donald Trump who told everyone that, if elected president, he would offer Sarah Palin a position in his cabinet. He didn't go into detail about which department she would head. Given her vast knowledge of tracking down elk and moose, then killing them, she might be considered ripe for Secretary of the Interior, although the Defense Department always remains a possibility. After all, Russia is still only 60 miles away from her stomping grounds and as we all know she is quite adept at polar logistics and strategy.

And while we're on the subject of Donald Trump, a story broke earlier in the week that several years ago he called attorney Elizabeth Beck, "disgusting," and stormed out of a meeting they were both involved in. Yeah, so what's unusual about that? Who hasn't wanted to do the same thing when a lawyer is screwing with you? Well, Beck claims El Donald became irate and flustered because she wanted to take a break during a deposition in order to go to another room where she could use a breast pump to--you know--provide milk for her newborn child.

In an interview with CNN, Trump claimed she wanted to use the pump right in front of him and his attorney and because of her request he "might" have called her disgusting. Then in true Trumpian fashion he began to rant, telling reporter Dana Bash, that, Ms. Beck was not only a, "terrible lawyer," but a "vicious, horrible person."

Yes, quite presidential of the Don. One can easily imagine the ghost of Abraham Lincoln wondering why he couldn't come up with similar witticisms at the height of the Civil War.

Finally there is good news. 16 plus days into the insidious left wing military exercise known as Jade Helm 15, the citizens of Bastrop, Texas are still holding firm. Not a single tank has forced its way past the city limits and nary a person has been dragged off kicking and screaming to a deserted Wal-Mart for a water boarding session.

In fact, despite the vociferous tea party/conspiracy theorist paranoia, it can be safely reported, that from Texas to Utah and beyond, it's all quiet on the western front.

So there we have it on a warm, humid day here on the southern plains.

For reasons we all recognize, the bar is open.


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