Saturday, April 4, 2015

Those Guys Haven't Told Anybody, but Ted Nugent

It is tough to decide whether to laugh, or get really pissed off when some group of dreadful fools hand Ted Nugent a microphone, then encourage him to speak into it. It happened once again the other day during, what is being reported as, the Maricopa County, AZ Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner.

Brother Nugent was introduced to the crowd by none other than Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. He is the one of the guys who had been howling that Barack Obama is in office illegally because he wasn't born in the United States. In fact he spent years attempting to prove Obama was born anywhere, but here. Lately he has abandoned his marathon birther campaign because, as we all know, current republican presidential candidate and tea party Screaming Mimi, Ted Cruz really was born someplace else. Given the circumstances even a vicious right wing geek like Arpaio can figure out that continuing the whole place of birth argument would, at best, be a tad awkward.

Nugent, who serves on the board of the National Rifle Association when he isn't belting out 40 plus year old rock tunes to raucous crowds numbering in the low three digits, is a well known Obamaphobe. He once compared the president to a coyote urinating on people's couches. Last year went so far as to call Mr. Obama, "a subhuman mongrel." It was a pronouncement so vile republican politicians--at least the ones who want to be considered viable--immediately distanced themselves from him. Nugent, who seemed stunned by the reaction, finally issued an apology.

The other night he revealed another side of himself. Unknown to many of us, apparently Mr. Nugent is a confidant and counselor to vast numbers of military veterans. A video, initially put on line by, "Right Wing Watch," shows him telling the faithful, "Here's your job republican party. 20 to 25 of those guys kill themselves every day and they haven't told you why and they haven't told anybody else, but they told me why: because the commander in chief is the enemy."

It isn't clear when Nugent became a professional therapist, or why he decided at that particular moment to violate the protocol of doctor-patient privilege. It's equally uncertain how, or when the information of each individual case becomes available to him. Does he receive 20 to 25 suicide notes per day in the mail? If not, do the tortured souls call him up prior to killing themselves in order to explain Obama is the reason they're going to do it? And, finally, if they do, what measures does he take to talk them out of it, or does he simply shrug then tell them something along the lines of, "I hear you, man."

Obviously the aging rocker felt his speech would become bogged down by such details. After all, when delivering a snappy pep talk, timing and pace are everything. Indeed, you have to keep things moving along in order to maintain engagement with the audience.

Before he was done Mr. Nugent also suggested an immigration policy which included shooting people who were attempting to illegally cross the southern border of the nation. It's an idea which might float in front of a bunch of ancient white republicans, but probably won't do much to attract the Hispanic demographic which proved not just elusive, but fatal to the GOP in 2012.

Meanwhile reports are that Rand Paul will officially announce his intentions to run for president in three days, while Marco Rubio will do so a week a later. There is also news that New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie has decided to delay his announcement until at least June. Yes, when your national poll numbers are in single numbers, like Christie's are, it is probably best to keep mum until they at least spike into the lower teens.

At this moment there isn't any word on who Ted Nugent will support for the nomination, or which candidate would actually be crazy enough to accept it.

But--hey--someone will, because, as we all know, there is a sucker born every minute. And right now there's more than a few of them in the GOP field pandering to the nightmarish clods who think Joe Arpaio and Ted Nugent are cool.


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