Friday, April 10, 2015

Hillary Makes it Official, Republicans Perform Deviant Sex Acts in Nashville, and Rand Paul Thinks the NRA is a Bunch of Wimps

Well, it's not like it is a surprise. NBC is reporting Hillary Rodham Clinton will announce she is running for the democratic presidential nomination as early as Sunday. Everyone knew it was coming and that it was just a matter of when. Why she is making it official at this particular moment isn't entirely clear, but chances are it has to do with Ted Cruz and Rand Paul throwing their hats in and Marco Rubio's impending announcement. Historically candidates see a surge in their poll numbers when they formally announce and she probably wants to blunt any momentum Cruz and Paul might gain, while at the same time stealing at least part of the spotlight from Rubio.

NBC also says the Clinton campaign will play small ball at first by going door to door and holding informal meetings with voters in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Actually, given her numbers, she can probably use that strategy right up until she knows who the GOP candidate will be. According to a March NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, 44% of voters view her favorably, while 36% don't. However that number changes dramatically when it comes to democrats only. At the moment her favorable rating among them is 77% vs. 7%. In addition 83% of democrats said they would support her while only 13%--possibly the far left wing--would not.

The only troubling number for Mrs. Clinton is that 51% of everyone asked thinks she represents the politics of the past, while 44% believe she would bring new ideas to the table. She isn't the only one with that problem. The same poll revealed 60% of everyone surveyed considers Jeb Bush a trip in the way back machine, while only 27% feel his policies would have some sort of originality to them.

When it comes to potential democratic opponents, she leads Joe Biden by 56 points in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

There are two major pitfalls looming ahead for Clinton at this point. First, the voting public traditionally does not like keeping the same party in control of the White House for more than eight years. It has happened only once since Franklin Delano Roosevelt died. That was when George H.W. Bush succeeded Ron Reagan. It was an experiment which lasted only one term. Second, former Maryland governor and possible democratic rival, Martin O'Malley touched on what could be a deal breaker for some voters. MSNBC quoted him as saying, "I think the presidency is not a crown to be passed back and forth between two families." Indeed, while many Americans are fascinated by the British royal family, a lot of us get a tad squeamish when it comes to handing the oval office over to a succession of sons, brothers, and wives.

Meanwhile nearly the entire republican field is flying into Nashville this weekend in order to speak at the National Rifle Association convention. It will be an ugly and decadent display as each candidate performs fellatio on people like Ted Nugent and Wayne LaPierre in front of vast numbers of the gun totin' faithful. Yes, no sexual act will be considered too deviant as Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and the rest of that amoral gang grovel shamelessly before the NRA leadership in order to get their approval and more importantly, their money.

The one notable candidate missing will be Rand Paul. NBC reports the NRA is none too fond of Senator Paul, because of his involvement in and support of a group known as the National Association for Gun Rights. It is an outfit so far out there it considers the NRA a bunch of wimps who are too willing to compromise when it comes to gun rights.

That's correct. The,  everyone should pack a deadly piece bunch,  Rand Paul likes is even more militant than the NRA. You may now consider your mind officially boggled.

And with that, for obvious reasons, the bar has opened.


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