Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rand Paul Has a Problem in Kentucky and Jeb Bush Talks to the Money Men

Chuck Todd writes that Rand Paul has a bit of a problem in Kentucky. According to the NBC News story Paul claims he will run for re-election to the senate in 2016. While that is all fine and dandy a state law says his name can't appear twice on a ballot. In other words if Paul seeks the republican nomination for the senate seat he now holds his name can't be on the list of GOP presidential hopefuls during the same primary.

Todd says Paul's people are attacking this conundrum on two fronts. First they are trying to get the law changed so he can attempt the double dip. That might be tougher than it sounds though since democrats control the state house. In case the maneuver doesn't pan out his crew is also trying to get the selection process changed from a voter controlled primary election to a caucus. The working theory is that since caucuses don't have paper ballots--the totals are tabulated through either a voice vote, or show of hands--technically his name wouldn't appear twice on a ballot.

God bless lawyers. They never cease to amaze.

In the same story Todd reports John Ellis Bush sat down at a conference of CEOs sponsored by The Wall Street Journal yesterday. Better known as Jeb, the former Florida governor, made it clear if he did run for the republican presidential nomination it would be on his terms.

He was quoted as telling the group, "I don't know if I'd be a good candidate, or a bad one. I kinda know how a republican can win whether it is me, or someone else--and it has to be much more uplifting, much more positive, much more willing to lose the primary to win the general without violating your principles. It is not an easy task to be honest with you."

No it isn't. When he tells all those tea party whack jobs he is for immigration reform and Common Core in the schools they are going to scream bloody murder right before they vote for some cretin like Ted Cruz.

In response to a question asking if a republican could win the nomination without advocating things like free fire zones on the border he said, "Well frankly no one really knows that because it hasn't been tried recently." Yes, well there is a reason it hasn't.

In the end, Bush might just be the guy the GOP needs to woo some of those Hispanic voters in 2016. His wife was born in Mexico, he has a B.A. in Latin American Studies, and he speaks fluent Spanish. The problem he has is getting to them. As we've seen time and time again the influence of the ultra right in republican primaries far outweighs their capacity to win general elections--and many a soul has been sold to them.

Of course, before we get all warm and fuzzy about Jeb Bush it should be remembered he not only told African American voters he'd do nothing for them, but ultimately he was the guy in charge in Florida when Al Gore got so viciously screwed.

Indeed, once a werewolf always a werewolf.

And these dogs don't even need a full moon.


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