Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jesse Matthew: Sometimes if You're a Bad Guy, They Don't Care if You are the Right Guy

That boy needs a good lawyer worse than anyone I've ever seen.

A Noble County, OK bail bondsman talking to the press immediately after the arrest of Timothy McVeigh, aka, The Oklahoma City Bomber

Indeed. Unfortunately, like McVeigh, sometimes the hole you dig is so deep not even the celebrated panel which defended O.J. Simpson can get you out of it. That appears to be the situation Jesse Matthew finds himself in at the moment.

The black 32 year old University of Virginia Hospital tech, former cab driver, and one time college football player is currently sitting in a six by nine foot isolation cell. He is accused by police of not only abducting a young, white Hannah Graham, but according to the charges, intending to defile her. In addition, he is now liked for the kidnapping and murder of  Morgan Harrington. She disappeared while walking away from the UVA campus in October 2009. Her body was found in January of 2010, five or six miles from where police believe they found Graham's skeletal remains on Saturday.

The term the authorities are currently using is the two murders are "linked by forensics."

Then yesterday young Mr. Matthew found himself indicted by a grand jury in Fairfax, Virginia for a 2005 incident. The charges are sexual assault, attempted murder, and kidnapping. The victim survived the attack when someone stumbled onto the act as it was in progress.

His troubles might not stop there. There was a brush with the law at Liberty University where a student claimed he tried to rape her, but charges were never filed. CNN reports Matthew then enrolled at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. Within a few months of his arrival on campus he was accused of yet another sexual assault, but those charges were also dropped. However, the Newport News cops are now looking with fresh eyes and suspicions at the unsolved disappearances of 21 year old Autumn Day and 31 year old Sophia Rivera. Both women went missing during his stay at the school. Their bodies have never been found.

Finally, police in Lynchburg, VA would like to talk to him because in 2009, 23 year old Cassandra Morton vanished from their city. Her remains were discovered a few weeks later near a camp owned and operated by Liberty University.

Yes, Jesse Matthew could be a prolific serial killer--a sexual sadist of the worst sort--or he might be the unluckiest guy on the North American continent. He certainly didn't help his cause by going on the lam and getting popped within ten miles of the Mexican border. Whatever the case might be he is going to learn one thing very quickly. American cops, no matter what the jurisdiction, like clearing their books of unsolved crimes a lot--in fact they like it only slightly less than catching the actual perps.

The truth is Brother Matthew is going to get stuck with every missing person case involving a woman, no matter what the age, or race that is currently open in Virginia, the District of Columbia, and quite possibly Maryland. He is, as they say in certain crude quarters, fucked beyond belief.

Such is the nature of law enforcement in America. Sometimes if you're a bad guy, they simply don't care if you are the right guy.

sic vita est


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