Thursday, October 9, 2014

Eric Frein Got a Shot and Took It

Got a shot around 11p.m. and took it.

From the journal of Eric Frein, discovered at an abandoned campsite by Pennsylvania State Police.

Yes, the little cretin who is accused of last month's deadly ambush at a state police barracks is still on the loose in the wilds of the Keystone State. NBC reports charges of possessing weapons of mass destruction were added to the list of those already pending after authorities discovered two pipe bombs, complete with trip wires, had been planted as booby-traps near one of his hide outs.

He took the shot on the night of September 12th and became the one and only suspect in the case after he ran his father's jeep off into some muck within a mile, or so of the crime scene. Cpl Bryon Dickson was killed in the attack and trooper Alex Douglass was severely wounded.

Frein has been described as a "self taught" survivalist. He apparently had plenty of time to figure it out. Although he was, by every measure an adult, he was still living at home with his parents. His father, a retired army officer, told the cops he taught his son how to shoot and he was an excellent marksman because of it. Apparently the old man was quite the enabler. Besides living at home his kid had the time and money to participate in military reenactments, although not civil war battles, which is the most common choice among people permanently stuck in the sixth grade. His tastes ran more toward eastern European themed conflicts. He liked to play the part of a Serbian infantryman, during which he'd tote around dad's AK-47. It is the same weapon authorities found ditched in the woods a number of days ago.

Actually, given the evidence available, Eric Frein is quite the litter bug. Beyond the AK, police have found scores of cigarette butts, at least one blanket, a number of military style packs, the journal, and tins of tuna fish and ramen noodles. All that plus a number of soiled adult diapers from which some poor lab rat had to gather samples in order to test for his DNA. In what provides at least some of us with a slightly queasy moment, NBC has reported most, but not all of them, were a match.

The media has speculated Frein was wearing the diapers because he spends much of his time hiding in place, which sort of makes sense. After all, a well trained sniper never wants to get caught with his pants down. Hey--let's face it--when you have two helicopters whirring around night and day looking for you, in addition to at least 100 state police and the FBI on the ground, it probably isn't wise to break cover in order to take either a leak, or a dump.

The squirming reptilian brain of brother Frein dwelled on this terrible drama for a long time. According to police the hard drive on his personal computer was removed before the ambush, however another computer he had access to proves he had spent at least two years researching police manhunt tactics. Number one, you don't do that unless you are systematically plotting murder most foul. Number two, if you're consumed by anger so much you spend 24 months thinking about carrying out such a terrible act, quite frankly, you're bats.. Finally, in a society where no one can keep his, or her mouth shut someone during that time frame had to know the guy was dangerously over the edge.

Indeed. Yet no one thought to report his well known livid, but unexplained, hatred of the police to someone--anyone. No one thought to get him to a mental health facility, or even a therapist. He spent years walking among the sane. He was 31 years of age, living with dear old mom and dad, while he accumulated materials to build bombs and, according to one account, a hidden and fortified bunker somewhere in the woods he is now pursued in. Yes, he had been plotting this madness for ages and as always, because he lived in the good old U.S. of A, he had access to guns, lots and lots of guns.

Eric Frein might have dressed like a Serbian soldier and he might smoke eastern European cigarettes, which has been widely reported, but he is uniquely American.

There isn't another industrialized country in the world that suffers from crazed fucks like him and so many others. The question, which needs to be asked--and answered truthfully, is--are the people of those gun restricted nations less free than we are simply because they can't go out and buy any type of firearm they want?

Despite the shrill howls of the NRA and people like Ted Nugent, not to mention Adam Lanza's late mom and Eric Frein's dad, the answer is no.


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