Monday, June 23, 2014

Another Weekend in the Books: The Road to Majority Conference and Stupid People

Herman Cain, the former fast food CEO and alleged adulterer, has decided he knows why the republicans lost to Barack H. Obama a couple of times. Over the weekend he addressed Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition. They were having a get together optimistically called, "The Road to Majority Conference."

According to Cain, who has never won an election, the reason both he and the GOP continue to get whacked by the voters is because "stupid people are ruining America." In other words if you don't vote for republican candidates and presumably Herman Cain you are stupid. In fact he assured the gathering of 1,000 or so evangelical zealots he is glad huge numbers of Americans have given up on the democratic process because if they're too stupid to understand how much trouble the country is in they shouldn't vote.

In his grand analysis of the political situation, he didn't entirely blame we poor souls who are too intellectually challenged to function like--well--Herman Cain. He claimed "the democratic-media complex" was keeping us uninformed. That's right, it isn't completely our fault we're a bunch of drooling idiots, it's that our barely human minds have been kept in the dark from the time we were born.

We've certainly heard that line before and it looks as if guys like Cain are going to continue to trot it out despite vast and verifiable numbers of people watching Fox News. Of course if we want to go Real Conspiracy Theory we could speculate Fox is in on the plot too--that O'Reilly and Hannity are actually devious moles delivering subliminal liberal messages to the masses. Hey, it could be happening. Check out Youtube and see if anyone has posted a video on the subject.

When it is boiled down to the basics, Cain's rant is nothing but a different, although uglier twist on the GOP theory put forth after the 2012 debacle. That would be the one which says the party has lost two presidential elections in a row simply because it isn't communicating its ideas to the public well enough. Now, according to Cain, the politics of the GOP and its communication skills are fine, the problem is the rest of us are just too dumb to listen. His final words of advice were, "Those of us who are informed have got to out vote the stupid people."

Cain wasn't the only speaker at the gala. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was there. He told the crowd democrats were waging a "silent war" on religious liberty. He promised between this November and the one two years down the road there would be a "hostile takeover" of Washington by a livid and energized conservative electorate. There was other stuff, about restoring American liberty, but it wasn't anything we haven't been subjected to before.

Piyush Jindal, who took the nickname Bobby after watching reruns of the situation comedy "The Brady Bunch" as a child, is considered a possible candidate for the GOP presidential nomination. There is even a political action committee set up to help finance a run, although the governor maintains he has no connection to it.

Why not? Let's face it, he can't do any worse than the rest of the clowns jostling for position right now. And, given the recent trend of republican presidential candidates to melt down during primary debates, being off the radar at this point might not be as bad as it seems.

So there we have it. Another weekend is in the books and we've been provided with keen insight into our intelligence by a guy who used to work for not only a pizza chain, but Burger King, home of the "Whopper."

Hey, what more could we ask for?


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