Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Darren Lannou and the NRA Moment of the Week, Plus Arming Vandals, Broncos, and Bengals in Idaho

Darren Wayne Lannou is from Texas. On Saturday he was in Oklahoma City for a visit, but unfortunately it didn't turn out quite the way he expected.

Like many around these parts Mr. Lannou has a license to carry a concealed weapon. According to a report buried in the back pages of the local paper, The Oklahoman, he and his five year old son went into the local Bass Pro Shop in downtown OKC. It seems Brother Lannou had decided to shop for a new holster to house his piece.

He picked one out, then he and his son entered a dressing room so he could try it on. Hey, let's face it, one must remain not only well armed, but also tres chic in this world. As with any accessory you need to check out the color to determine how it coordinates with your wardrobe and the size, because Lord knows you don't want to risk looking ostentatious. Indeed, in matters of high fashion, less is more.

Lannou put down his old holster which was holding his weapon, as his son reportedly played on an IPod. After modeling the new holster while it was empty he turned to get his gun, no doubt to check the fit and was startled to find his son holding it.

You can probably guess what happened next. He reached for the gun and it went off accidentally. His son suffered a minor injury to his thumb. Lannou took the round in his right leg--the wound was what they call a through and through. In other words the bullet went in one side of his limb and came out the other. After it exited, it grazed his left leg.

The paper's account went on to say Lannou threw the gun on the floor, opened the dressing room and yelled for someone to call 911. Both he and the kid were transported to the OU Medical Center. Store personnel unloaded the weapon before the police arrived. Luckily, father and son will recover.

OKC police spokesperson, Jennifer Wardlow told reporters Lannou was "very remorseful" and repeatedly claimed he had made a mistake.

Oh, you think, Darren?

Wardlow said that while the incident certainly appeared to be an accident, it would be up to the D.A. to decide if any chargers are filed.

Meanwhile, up in Idaho a bill moved out of a house committee which would allow people to carry concealed weapons on a college campus. The measure has already been passed in the state senate. It is opposed by student groups, a gaggle of Idaho police chiefs, and the heads of all eight state operated universities.

One Supporter claimed people get carry and conceal permits because they are scared of getting caught in a, "fishbowl" if they find themselves in an active shooter situation and a college campus is no different from any place else. Another dismissed the argument that mass and deadly chaos could reign when police arrive at a shooting scene only to find everyone holding a weapon. In what ranks as one of the most profoundly stupid statements ever made, the Boise State student assured us he'd rather be shot and killed accidentally by a cop during a shooting event than offed by some lunatic with an AR-15.

Technically, the act allows retired law officers--you know guys like, Curtis Reeves, who is currently charged with murder because he shot a man for texting during a movie--to carry a concealed weapon on any state run campus. In addition everyone else, including students and staff, would be able to pack a gun if they are properly licensed like Michael Dunn was. He was recently convicted on a number of charges because he opened fire on a car load of kids, killing one of them, because they not only dissed him, but wouldn't turn down the stereo in their car. And, of course, licensed like fine tuned intellects such as good 'ol Darren Wayne Lannou who is damn lucky he didn't have his brain sprayed all over a Bass Pro Shop dressing room.

Think about it. There are huge numbers of Americans who are so frightened in their own country they can't leave home without carrying a deadly weapon. Many of these people are paralyzed in terror by the thought of not being able to buy anything short of a fucking rocket grenade launcher. Then these same goofs have the gall to call their abject fear freedom. Not to mention, they'll brag about this place being the home of the brave.

In both instances, they are, demonstrably, wrong.

I want a drink.


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