Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wendy Davis, Ted Nugent and the Values of a Blood Brother

Greg Abbott is the Attorney General of Texas. He is also a republican candidate for that state's governors office. Proving politicians will take help from just about anyone with name recognition, he has accepted the "proud support," of one Theodore Anthony Nugent.

Mr. Nugent recently referred to Greg Abbott as, "my blood brother." Mr. Abbott responded that Nugent was, "...a fighter for freedom in this country."

Ted, the Nooge, Nugent is known for many things. He is a ragged, over the hill rock and roller, member of the National Rifle Association board of directors, howling right wing provocateur, and borderline pedophile. Last month he called the first African American president of the United States, "a sub human mongrel."

Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis, who is also running for governor in the Lone Star state, reacted immediately to Nugent's support of her possible opponent. She released an on line ad which read, "Texas women don't deserve this disrespect. Greg Abbott has fully embraced an admitted predator who has preyed on under aged girls. This is unacceptable."

The ad went on to say, "Nugent admitted to affairs with several under aged girls." Then quoted the Nooge as saying, "I was addicted to girls, it was hopeless."

Ms. Davis issued a statement along with the ad which said, "Greg Abbott's embrace of Ted Nugent is an insult to every Texan. If this is his idea of values it is repulsive."

The responses from the Abbott camp were quick, but sort of muted. One spokesperson said, "We appreciate the support (of Nugent)." However another added, "Ted Nugent is supporting us, we aren't supporting Ted Nugent." Abbott later said, "I don't know what he may have said or done in his background. What I do know is that Ted Nugent stands for the constitution."

The candidate probably would have been better served if he'd done a little research into what Ted Nugent, may have said or done. For one thing, in 1978, the then 30 year old musician became sexually involved with a 17 year old Hawaiian girl  named, Pele Massa. To make sure he stayed on the right side of the law--kind of--he talked her parents into allowing him to become her "legal guardian." Spin Magazine recognized the act as number 63 on it's top 100 list of sleaziest moments in rock and roll.

In addition the NRA board member has been busted twice while hunting. Once for baiting an under aged male deer into the open and illegally killing it. Then for illegally killing a bear. In both instances he was fined and, for periods of time, banned from hunting in California and Alaska. In addition, he owns a fenced in ranch in Michigan where he conducts what is known as canned hunting. That would be the practice of killing wild game animals who can't flee because they are trapped in an enclosed area.

Ah yes, very sporting.

Nugent hasn't responded to the Davis ad yet, but he has certainly gone after CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer opined the "subhuman mongrel" crack was highly reminiscent of the terminology used by Nazis when they were gearing up to exterminate Jews, Gypsies, Gays, Slavs, Blacks and mixed race blacks--you know--people like Barack Obama. One tweet accused Blitzer of not being a journalist. Another said, "CNN Joseph Goebbells (sic) Saul Alinsky propaganda minister mongrels." A third read, "So much media has lost it's soul. Lying Saul Alinsky Joseph Geobbells (sic) freaks."

Besides noting Nugent can't spell Joseph Goebbels' name to save his life, some might find the reference to Saul Alinsky a bit cryptic. After all the guy dropped dead of a heart attack back in 1972.

Obviously the Nooge is referencing Barack Obama who, like Alinsky, started out as a community organizer in Chicago. Alinsky also wrote a book called "Rules for Radicals" which, according to at least one analyst heavily influenced the 2008 Obama campaign.

Because Alinsky was a raging leftist, Nugent appears to be trying to link the president to some sort of wild eyed communist--another name he has called Obama.

Unfortunately Alinsky wasn't a communist. The truth is, he never joined a political party or organization, feeling membership in any of them would corner him intellectually. In fact, according to Wikipedia, the arch conservative group, Freedom Works gives copies of "Rules for Radicals," to its leadership cadre so they can follow his guide lines when they organize grass roots tea party movements in various locales.

Well, where would we be without a little irony?

It won't be a pretty campaign south of the Red River. The very presence of Ted Nugent and some clown who thinks it is a good idea to get him involved guarantees it. Other republicans are already calling Davis, "The Abortion Barbie," so you can only imagine what Nugent and Abbott will say about her.

You have to love Wendy Davis for standing up to gruesome clods such as these. You also have to think she has about as much of a chance this autumn as one of those hemmed in beasts at Nugent's ranch.

Hey, as we say down here, in another context, such things may be cruel, but they sure aren't unusual.

If there are any questions, I'll be in the bar.

sic vita est


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