Monday, August 5, 2013

Hillary Bios, Republican Bans, and Tea Party Challenges: Just Another Monday

Things continue to get weird and we're still three plus years from the next presidential election.

MSN is reporting that CNN is planning a full length feature film about Hillary Rodham Clinton to be aired in 2014. In addition NBC has a mini series about Mrs. Clinton starring, Diane Lane in the works. The production, tentatively titled, "Hillary" is scheduled to be shown, "before the 2016 presidential election."

Republican national chair, Reince Priebus isn't taking the news sitting down. He issued a statement saying, "It is appalling to know executives at major networks like NBC and CNN who have donated to democrats and Hillary Clinton have taken it upon themselves to be Hillary Clinton operatives."

He has threatened to ban both networks from covering the republican presidential primary debates in 2016 if their productions go forward.

There are hints floating around there may be more to it than simply the threat of pro Hillary programing though. "Time" magazine has reported that GOP strategists have already decided that the party is allowing too many debates to be held in early primary states. The feeling is that frequent internal blood letting is detrimental to the republican brand.

Well, not only that, but someone has to have figured out that in the 2012 republican debates more than a few of the candidates proved themselves to be utter nitwits. Indeed, why put what should be your chosen few, your best and brightest, in front of the entire nation and let them be exposed as complete idiots.

As David Plouffe, a former Obama campaign strategist tweeted, "Better RNC debate plan. Held in hermetically sealed FOX studio. Avoid exposing swing voters to Crazy S*#t my nominee says."

On the other hand Karl Rove tweeted, "Which would you rather see? Glowing Hillary miniseries, or #2016 debates. @Reince calls on NBC and CNN to choose."

Rove knows the value of money spent in politics. Exposure is everything.  His American Crossroads super pac spent huge scads of money in 2012, but sometimes as slick as the ads are, they can't disguise an asshole who is completely out of touch with the average American. Yes, you can take them out of the country club and prep school, but you can't take the elitist bullshit out of them. Every time Mitt Romney took off his Bill Blass sports jacket and rolled up his sleeves tens of thousands of eyes rolled. When last seen, Rove was still claiming his man had Ohio in the bag and Romney was rehearsing an acceptance speech that was never heard.

Now the online "Conservative Headquarters" reports that Mr. Rove's American Crossroads super pac, plus two other associated fund raising entities have managed to pull in only $3.37 million in donations so far this year. The stated goal of these endeavors is to ensure the republicans nominate and run, "electable candidates."

That would be opposed to yokels like the Delaware senate candidate who felt it was necessary to deny she was a witch in her first campaign ad and the clown in Missouri who said a woman's body had a way of shutting down and preventing pregnancy after she'd been raped.

Rove has a point. The brutal truth is the republicans lost 5 winnable seats in the senate in 2010 and 2012. In four of those races, tea party candidates defeated more establishment oriented republicans in the primaries. Then, in the general elections, all four were beaten like gongs by democrats.

Unfortunately for brother Karl and other republicans the tea party hacks don't give a rat's ass about brutal truths, or even reality. They are busy as beavers trying to take complete control of the party and then leading some sort of Quixotic, Charge of the Light Brigade. "Conservative Headquarters" is also reporting that the super pacs, Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund and Tea Party Express.Org have raised $4.1 million between them. Left unsaid is that those pacs actually like women who have to deny they are witches and guys who think women's bodies can shut down unwanted pregnancies.

Even Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, the man who said the main job of republicans was to prevent Barak Obama from winning a second term, is facing a tea party opponent in his senate primary. It could be said, such is the fate of those who fail. However, in reality it is an omen the party of Lincoln is shattering in slow motion, rather like a glass dropped onto a hard tile floor during some surreal music video.

The tea party loves noise, crudeness, disrespect, and caters to the basest fears of an aging white population who sees control of the country slipping from their hands for the first time in history. Their political philosophy at this time can only be described as complete atavism.

Ultimately they have that terrible genetic trait found in most criminals. It is an irresistible urge for instant gratification without the slightest regard for the consequences of their actions. In other words--I see the watch in the window--I like it-- I want it--now I'll steal it just because I can--Fuck everything else.

And so there we have it, just another Monday.

Someone tell Rience, I do consulting work on the cheap and when money is involved I'm a complete mercenary.

After all, we aren't a bunch of communists here.

At least not yet.

Trust me.

sic vita est


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