Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Dispatches: Chronic Gays, A Violation of Face Book Terms, Savage on the Cheap Part II, and a Whole Lot of Dead People

It has been a weird and deadly week. In fact just looking at the head lines one could reasonably think the ghost of Salvador Dali had a hand in crafting them.

In California, Matthew Moore went in for a physical. When shown the results a couple of days later he found that not only did he have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a vitamin deficiency, but also a chronic condition known as, homosexual behavior. Moore, who is openly gay, asked his physician why his sexual orientation was listed as a medical condition. He was informed that homosexuality was, "still being thought of as a disease" and the cure for it is, "still up to debate." After complaining to his physician network he received a letter of apology and his $30 co-pay was refunded.

On Thursday, Derek Medina decided enough was enough. According to NBC, the Florida resident and author of several books, including, "How I Saved Someone's Life and Marriage and Family Problems Thru Communication," shot his wife multiple times. He then posted a photo of her body on Face Book. Court records showed that Medina and Jennifer Alfonso had previously divorced, but remarried in 2012.

Along with the photo of Alfonso's body he posted, "I'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys take care Face Book people. You will see me in the news." He also wrote, "My wife punching me and I not going to stand any more with the abuse, so I did what I did I hope u understand me." Yes, well William Styron he isn't, but everyone got the message. That would include the Face Book wonks who deleted the content and disabled Medina's profile. A spokesperson for Face Book was quoted as saying, "We take action on all content that violates our terms, which are clearly laid out on our site."

Indeed. If you can't follow the rules buddy, you're gone.

NBC says that Medina told police he and Alfonso were arguing because she wanted to leave him. He claimed she came at him with a knife, but he disarmed her. When she began pummeling him, he snapped and opened fire. There was no tale of the tape on Jennifer Alfonso, but it was reported Medina is 6'2" and weighs in at 200 pounds. He has been charged with first degree murder, although now that George Zimmerman's legal team has some free time, a self defense plea could well be imminent.

Locally, The Oklahoman's Tim Willert reports that Brodric "Savage" Glover copped a plea in order to dodge the death penalty for murdering Jessica Lynn Brown. Glover was allegedly hired to kill Ms. Brown last year by her estranged husband, Fabion Brown. Mr. Brown and LaQuan Ashley are awaiting trial in the case. Ashley is accused of being the getaway driver. Brown and Glover were implicated by Brown's girlfriend at the time, Emily Matheson. In exchange for her testimony, Willert writes that prosecutors agreed to suspend all but the first 15 years of her life sentence. She said Brown wanted his wife offed because of a child custody dispute. In her words, "He was upset about it, how things were going."

Jessica Lynn Brown was pregnant when shot and her two infant children were reportedly in the room with her when she was killed.  The Savage, one time only, discount price for the hit was $250.

In case you are keeping count, Slate and @GunDeaths report at least 6,998 Americans have been shot to death since the Newtown, CT killings. However, those numbers are gleaned from a survey of news reports spread across the country. In June, Slate noted that 60% of gun deaths in the United States are suicides and most of them go unreported in media outlets. In fact, the publication says that by using the most recent CDC estimates of yearly gun deaths, a current body count of 20,683 is probably a far more accurate figure.

See there, who says America has gone soft?

As always, spread out, stay low, and keep moving. Everybody out there is armed and dangerous. Just look at the stats for God's sake.

The first beer is on me, but bring your own cigar.


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