Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Conservatives in Heat

There is nothing quite like conservatives in heat. Yes, when a group of them get to that agitated, writhing, and gasping, state they will do anything stupid and useless just because they can. They are, at heart, crude exhibitionists who love to masturbate in public. All the hormones run amok, you see, and then the brain synapses begin to misfire, rather like an engine with one of it's spark plugs gone dead.

Actually at times you have to admire them because they race head long into a chat room fantasy world where every futile gesture means something. It is a place where everyone is white and we all live in a "Leave it to Beaver" nation. They babble about vast majorities, as if the Anglo Saxon-European population of this country still runs the place completely unchallenged by all those, others. Their idealism is unfettered by any sort of fix on what some cyber fiends call real time. The truth is they go to that place authors Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell once called Crazy Eddie.

Yesterday the House of Representatives passed a bill that says a woman cannot get an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy unless her life is in danger, or she has reported to the police she was raped, or was the victim of incest. This was the watered down, liberal, version of the bill. The original draft, proposed by Trent Franks, R-AZ didn't include those last stipulations. He named the bill, The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

The 20 week time limit came about because republicans cited some studies that claim fetuses can feel pain after 20 weeks. Hence the name of the legislation. The AMA, on the other hand--you know--the actual doctors, have published a report that says, "Evidence regarding the capacity for fetal pain is limited, but indicates that fetal perception of pain is unlikely before the third trimester."

Well, what do those guys know? Besides, they're just doctors and don't have to answer to people like, Rick Santorum, Pat Robertson, and Bennie Hinn.

Unfortunately for Congressman Franks he put his foot into it last week, probably because he is an old white conservative who really believes his own bullshit. During an interview he told a reporter that exceptions for rape and incest weren't needed in the bill because, "the incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy was very low." Yes, it was the ghost of Todd Aikin all over again. Aikin may have cost the GOP a senate seat in Missouri last November because during his campaign he said that women have a way of "shutting down" their bodies after a rape to prevent themselves from becoming pregnant.

Even John Boehner knew Franks had screwed the pooch. The republican leadership immediately exiled Franks from his own bill, changed it to include the exceptions for "reported" rape and incest and put, Tennessee republican Marsha Blackman's name on it. Yesterday it passed 228 to 196.

When questioned about the bill, Boehner referred to the Kermit Gosnell case in Philadelphia. Gosnell is a grotesque medical quack who, besides performing late term abortions, had been accused of handing out painkillers as if they were M&M's. According to Boehner, "After this Kermit Gosnell trial and some of the horrific acts that were going on, the vast (there is that word again) majority of American people believe in the substance of this bill."

Well, beside the fact, the bill wouldn't stop a beast like Gosnell, who was busily breaking every law currently on the books, the vast majority of Americans, Boehner talked about simply doesn't exit.

The Washington Times wrote that a Gallup poll showed only 7% of American adults were closely following the Gosnell case and 18% said they were somewhat closely watching it. That would equal 25%. The poll noted that 20% said they were not following it closely and, yes, 54% claimed they weren't following it at all. In other words most Americans considered it not a national political issue, but a criminal one that should be taken care of by home town authorities just as any local felony should.

The Times also reported that the Gallup people said that 52% of all Americans were in favor of abortion under certain circumstances, 26% were in favor of it at any time, for any reason, and only 20% thought it should be illegal under any circumstances.

These are some of the reasons that The Huffington Post's, Martha Burk called Boehner, "delusional."

Tell us something we don't know, Martha.

The House of Representatives has once again proved it is completely out of touch with reality. The legislation they just passed has absolutely no chance of getting through the Senate and even if it did it would be vetoed by the president. They know that, but they continue to waste our time and money on just another fanciful charge at windmills they know they cannot defeat. Indeed, the budget, jobs programs, and immigration reform simply can't compare to a maniacal chest beating that only Tarzan would envy.

In truth they don't want to govern. All they want is to show up on the local news in their home districts and be sure that no matter what, they won't be accused of collaborating with Barak Obama.

The next stop is the 38th time these idiots try to repeal Obamacare.

Good Christ, I'd spit on them, but, honestly, they aren't worth it.

Now, I need a drink.


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