Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Wins but the Issue is Still in Doubt

And then the under card of the event went to Jumpin' Joe Biden.

This one was no slam dunk either, however. In fact at times Biden's act spun to the point that some might have wondered what sort of speed he was on. I mean look at the videos of it. There he is making wild hand gestures. More often than not he is wracked with giddy, almost uncontrollable laughter. Yes, these could well have been the tell tale signs of a man who, an hour prior to going on stage, dropped a Black Molly and chugged a large can of Red Bull.

Be that as it may, he still outperformed Congressman Paul Ryan, who at times eerily resembled an earnestly glum fruit bat. The vice president did what the president did not do. He took to heart Dick Nixon's old axiom, "charge what they can't deny." He dragged Ryan's ruthless ideas into the spotlight and hammered on them.

The only time Ryan seemed to take the offensive was when Lybia and the torched consulate came up. On every other front he was doing a not so great impression of Crockett manning the walls of the Alamo.

After the smoke cleared the immediate response poll taken by MSNBC of the twenty-five or so undecided voters left in the nation showed they thought Biden clearly won the match. In fact 50% said he did, while 31% thought Ryan was the winner, and 19% thought it was a tie.

Democrats everywhere are hoping this will put the brakes on the momentum that the Romney campaign gained from the first presidential debate. Whether it does or not remains to be seen. What it did do was provide Barak Obama with a blue print for next week. Go after the bastard hard and use his own proposed policies to expose him for the heartless vampire that he is.

On the downside Obama still has to perform. As anyone who has been around for any length of time can tell you vice presidential debates don't carry nearly the weight of the presidential dust ups. The prime example of that came in 1988 when Lloyd Benston exposed Dan Quayle as an utter idiot, a man completely unqualified to become the president of the United States on the heels of a tragedy. That November George Herbert Walker Bush kicked Michael Dukakis' ass, thus beginning the House of Bush reign in America.

Try as he might and at one point he was close, Joe Biden couldn't come up with that "You're no Jack Kennedy" moment. However even if he had this debate wasn't and isn't going to hand Barak Obama a win in a few weeks. It will re-energized those democrats who went into a serious funk after last week, so there are positives. But the hard truth remains that this election is Barak Obama's to win or lose and he is going to have to do it by himself.

Over to you, Mr. President. The ball, as they say, is in your court.


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