Thursday, October 25, 2012

Coulter, Palin, Trump and Public Masturbation

I have a friend who likes to talk about the egos of politicians and how run amok they are. He is especially disdainful, not to mention wary, of all those who seek statewide and national offices. He is convinced, rightly or wrongly, that the people who campaign for our votes have a terribly warped picture of themselves and it all began when they were elected to student councils during their high school years. Sometimes I tend to think he is right. Then I remind myself this is a guy who is convinced some woman guru from India is the embodiment of Christ on earth: that she possesses the same divine powers and receives the exact blessings from God that Jesus of Nazareth did.

Well we're all a bit complicated and so is the world, but I digress.

We're talking about egos here.

Ann Coulter certainly has one. She loves to spew absolutely hateful things she knows people will react violently too. The latest, of course, is the whole "R" word thing. A few decades ago if she'd said such a thing about a sitting president her career would be over. No reputable news organization would allow her anywhere near a camera or print another word she says. Unfortunately in this day and age reputable journalism has gone the way of the Dodo and now she is the talk of the net and cable news. Her book sales will probably increase. Some awful evangelical college will no doubt invite her to speak at their graduation ceremony, after which the dean of the school of creationism will try to nail her bony ass in a cheap motel room.

Sarah Palin, late of the failed John McCain campaign, SNL parodies, and reality TV continues to run around screaming "look at me, look at me!" Her comments about the president's "shuck and jive shtick" crossed a couple of ethnic border lines. A few people reacted negatively, angrily, but most of us simply yawned and went straight to the sports page.

Then, finally, there is the sad case of Donald Trump. Lately he had been cryptically claiming he had huge news that would alter the outcome of the election. He showed up on TV the other day, shouting at the camera. His startling news was a nothing more than a cheap challenge. He dared the president to disclose his college transcript and passport application. Trump says if the president will do it he will donate $5 million to a charity of Obama's choice. One gets the impression brother Trump has just one degree of separation from the Shamwow sales guy.

What we have here are three examples of runaway egos my friend speaks so derisively of. With less than two weeks to go before the election Coulter, Palin and Trump have the temerity to think they can, number one, influence the outcome and number two remain relevant on the national scene. The second probably more important to them than the first.

Yes, this isn't about Obama and Romney. It isn't about the immediate future of the United States of America. It is all about them. "I'm important," they are shouting. "I'm worth listening to."


Well, okay, I suppose someone might actually listen, but that someone isn't going to vote for Barack Obama anyway. Quite honestly if any of them are delusional enough to think they have influenced even one independent, or undecided voter, they need to be on serious meds, or already are.

What we have here are two trailer park Barbies who might, or might not be dropping large doses of meth and a narcissistic multi-millionaire who is so enamored with himself that there probably isn't an inch of wall space in his home that isn't holding a mirror.

Will someone please tell these clowns we're all tired of them masturbating in front of us. As with all things pornographic it gets old quickly. Besides, none of them are that good looking to begin with.


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