Friday, September 28, 2012

Voter Fraud and the Zombie Demographic: James Holmes and the Obvious

Well look who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

MSNBC is reporting that the Republican National Committee recently hired a new firm called, Strategic Allied Consulting to register republican voters in Florida and four other battleground states nationwide. The firm is headed by one Nathan Sproul, the former executive director of the Arizona republican party. Mr. Sproul went out and hired 2,000 people in Florida alone and paid them something like $12 per hour to go door to door and get the faithful on the books.

Things quickly got a little dicey. In Palm Beach County a worker for the company dropped off 300 plus registration forms at a Florida election office. Then, as NCAA football referees say, after further review, it turns out 108 of the new registrations were utterly bogus. Some people had addresses in New York, others were transferring their addresses to places like a Shell gas station, a Land Rover dealership, and a medical building. Many of the signatures were written in similar hand writing. Later, Florida election officials stated that irregularities were popping up in five other counties and some of the "new" republicans being registered by the company were quite dead. Obviously the Strategic Allied operatives were looking to fully engage that zombie demographic which is so favorable to their man, Mitt Romney.

The Florida arm of the GOP fired the company and the RNC followed suit quickly. Well, after all, it is a bit unseemly to scream voter fraud when voter fraud didn't really exist and then hire some yahoo who actually tries to pull it off. Strategic Allied Consulting has already collected $3 million in fees from the RNC, but there was no word about whether a refund would be offered, or demanded.

Sproul is reportedly outraged by the termination of his contract, saying all this chicanery was not company sanctioned and was the result of a "few bad apples." He claims that as soon as he found out about the fake registrations he fired those involved. MSNBC is reporting his company may sue the RNC over the whole issue.

This is not something the Romney crew wants to deal with at the moment, although now I suppose we'll hear things like, "see, we told you there needed to be voter IDs." I mean you have to say something don't you. RNC communications director Sean Spicer practically touched on that in a brief interview. He said the national party acted immediately as soon as "mere allegations" were made. He also blathered on about his party having a zero tolerance for such things and how the "other side" clearly engaged in inappropriate behavior for long periods of time.

Right. Sean Spicer and the rest of his crowd could have cared less until the whistle was blown. Given the voter fraud mania they manufactured they couldn't do anything less than cut ties with this gang of forgers. That bump you just felt was the bus running over Mr. Nathan Sproul.

Meanwhile out in Colorado NBC is reporting that prosecutors have released new information in the James Holmes case. Holmes, who killed twelve people and wounded another fifty-eight in an Aurora theater, has been hit with 152 counts. Prosecutors allege that prior to the massacre, Holmes threatened an unnamed University of Colorado professor which prompted the the school to ban him from the campus. In addition they state that Holmes spoke with an unidentified student about killing people, "when his life was over."

Why no one at the university went to the police with all this prior to the shooting remains a mystery, although one would guess that decades of future law suits will disclose the reason, or reasons.

NBC also reported that Mr. Holmes' defense team is considering an innocent by reason of insanity plea.

Oh, you think?

Thank God for weekends.

sic vita est



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