Monday, September 17, 2012

The Monday Blitz: Obama Si, Romney No; Finger Pointing Republicans; Thin Ice Overseas; Superbugs and The Topless Duchess

It is a scatter shot sort of day. There are a myriad of things happening, none of them completely detailed, all of them rather fluid.

A recent poll by an outfit known as impreMedia/Latino Decisions was released and Mr. Mitt Romney did not fare well. In fact he is getting killed in the Latino community, especially when it comes to Hispanic women. According to the results, the president leads Governor Romney 74% to 21% among Latinas. In addition his numbers are not a whole lot better when men are included. Overall he trails Mr. Obama 68% to 26%. I suppose this is what happens when you've sold out to a bunch of anti-immigration lunatics who want to deport just about everyone who speaks Spanish as a  first language. Mr. Romney spent the day in Los Angeles trying to court Hispanic voters. Looking at the current numbers that makes about as much sense as it would for Obama to come to Oklahoma in an attempt to convert white republicans into liberal democrats.

Given recent revelations, however, confusion, befuddlement, and outright delusions seem to be part and parcel with the Romney campaign. Politico is reporting that several senior Romney staffers are unhappy in the extreme with not only the direction of the campaign, but also its chain of command, or rather lack thereof. Chief campaign strategist, Stuart Stevens was specifically accused of screwing with the nominee's acceptance speech at the convention and the bizarre Clint Eastwood appearance with the notorious empty chair. He is also taking heat for Mr. Romney's ill timed condemnation of the president's foreign policy immediately following the murders of a United States ambassador and three of his security personnel. The staffers claim there is a serious lack of cohesive management within the campaign itself. That is not something you want to hear when your candidate is running on his supposed business management skills. Indeed, desperation seems to be seeping into the Romney camp even before the debates. After all they've been spending huge sacks of money, but their man continues to inch backward in the swing states. It is unclear what will happen, but if the palace guard is in revolt fifty days out, look for heads to roll in some sort of decisive reorganization. We know the Mitt isn't shy about doing things like that.

Of course the president himself is skating on some thin ice. He has to tread lightly, but steadily with a cool, firm hand in the middle east and one has to think that the teacher's strike in Chicago isn't doing him any good. Yes, the whole world is a mine field. Even the Japanese and Chinese are at odds over some two bit islands. The islands are unoccupied, however a 1969 U.N. survey indicated the possible presence of sub soil resources. That would be oil and natural gas and as we know all too well that is a teat no industrialized nation can turn away from. Any of these issues could mushroom into full fledged disasters for Mr. Obama in the next two months.

Meanwhile a seventh person has died at The National Institute Health Clinic in Maryland. Internet news sources are calling, Klebsiella Pneumoniae a "super bug" that is highly resistant to anti-biotics. And yes, the dead are really dead and not turning into flesh eating zombies.

The Duchess of Cambridge is suing a French publication over photos taken of her on the sly while she was lounging topless during a vacation. The magazine should have the money to pay her off because issues featuring her are flying off the shelves in France. One would assume Kate Middleton Windsor has just learned a valuable lesson about being a celebrity. The Frogs are a wiley bunch, so don't take your top off unless you are in the shower or bathtub and even then make sure the blinds are pulled tight.

Indeed, it has been one of those haphazard sort of days. Perhaps things will grow a little more defined, or at least clearer as the week progresses.

We can only hope. Onward and upward.


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