Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O'Mara's Opening Gambit and Why The Sane Will Flee From Jury Duty

The legal maneuvering has all ready begun in the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case. Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara has formally asked Judge Jessica Recksiedler to recuse herself from the case because of a possible conflict of interest. To a lay person such as myself, O'Mara's reasoning seems a bit tenuous, but then lawyers always seem tenuous. It is, I suppose, why so many of them become successful politicians.

Here is the tale of the tape. Recksiedler's husband works at the same law firm as does attorney Mark NeJame. Mark NeJame was asked by George Zimmerman to be his counsel. NeJame turned Zimmerman down and recommended he give Mark O'Mara a call. In addition NeJame is under contract to CNN to provide analysis of the Zimmerman trial.

Ok, I don't get it either, but the smart money says that Recksiedler does drop off the case. Number one I can't imagine her or anyone else who lives in Sanford wanting anything to do with this billowing nightmare. Number two, if there is even the most infinitesimal possibility that O'Mara could get a conviction overturned on appeal because of her "conflict of interest," it is better to give him his way now. The idea of a second trial because of something as stupid and utterly legalese bull shit as this is too painful to even contemplate. It would be like throwing out all the charges because some clerk misspelled Zimmerman's name on the warrant.

Meanwhile Reuters is reporting that the Zim man's neighbors are saying the day after the shooting he was wearing bandages on his nose and head. The Rueters report goes on to gravely state that this would seem to support Zimmerman's side of the story.

Actually it doesn't, but why ruin a good tid bit of controversy. The fact is there was a struggle. Everyone knows that. What has yet to be determined is who was the aggressor and was George Zimmerman justified in using deadly force.

In a related story, Florida defense attorney Jose Baez was quoted as saying, "No way in the world I think this case could be heard in Sanford." Baez knows a thing or two about getting a completely unsympathetic defendant off the hook. He is the lawyer who got Casey Anthony out of the courtroom and onto Facebook.

The awful truth is they could hold this trial on the moon and it would be tough to find twelve Americans honest and true who don't all ready have an opinion regarding Zimmerman's guilt or innocence. Beyond that it simply might be tough to find twelve people anywhere in the country who will want to serve on this jury. I mean ask yourself, would you want to help decide the case one way or the other, then have your name become public and therefore available to every news person and Masked Avenger wanna be in the republic?

I didn't think so. In fact there will probably be otherwise normal human beings show up for the selection process drooling heavily while dressed in only boxer shorts and torn tee shirts. Others will rant about an invasion of banana people and their eyes being eaten by potato bugs. Indeed, there will be no depths to which people won't sink so they will not have to be anywhere near the courthouse during this trial.

A bond hearing is scheduled for next Friday, but nothing is written in stone, especially if Recksiedler takes herself off the case.

The grim circus is only beginning. Don't hold your breath for it to end any time soon.


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