Monday, July 31, 2017

The Mooch No More

 Mike Flynn lasted a little over three weeks as Donald Trump's National Security Advisor. He was fired because he, "lied," to the Vice President about meeting with some Russians during and after the campaign.

The 24 days he worked at the White House Asylum for the Rambunctiously Insane is a full two weeks longer than Anthony Scaramucci. The Mooch was named the President's Communications Director last week only to be shown the door a couple of hours ago.

Scaramucci's arrival was accompanied by a mini purge of sorts. His presence caused Sean Spicer and an assistant to end their six month run as official mouth pieces for the administration. It also heralded, if not inspired, the Reince Priebus hit job which happened Friday in a limo parked at Joint Base Andrews. The only thing missing from that scene was Priebus pausing to buy oranges from a street vendor as the button men moved in.

Of course, Scaramucci's tenure in the West Wing will have to be accompanied by an asterisk since the fucker proved so nuts he didn't even last long enough to be officially sworn in. However, that's a detail few will remember when compared to his crazed outburst to correspondent Ryan Lizza last week. Yes, his rambling, utterly paranoid, rant was the stuff of legend. Rumors at MSNBC were that Trump heartily approved of the profanity laced tirade. Over at Fox some of the wankers on Hannity's show seemed to approve of Scaramucci's street gangster approach to suspected leakers within the administration.

Today the White House is saying El Donald didn't think The Mooch's language was appropriate so he had to be let go. Right. While it is easy to imagine Donald Trump firing someone, anyone, it is incomprehensible he'd do so because of the person's language. No, the cause of Anthony Scaramucci's political demise lies elsewhere.

In his heady first hours on the job last week, The Mooch was proud to tell everyone who would listen he didn't report to some two bit Chief of Staff, but only, The Man himself. The none too subtle message was he, Anthony Scaramucci, was Don Trump's new go to guy--he was going to take names and kick ass and no one better fuck with him while he did.


Enter retired General John F. Kelly, who was sworn in as White House Chief of Staff this morning. Kelly's first move was to have a meeting with west wing personnel, during which he told everyone in attendance they all reported to him. His second, according to sources cited by The New York Times, was to make sure Anthony Scaramucci's ass was fired.

Or maybe it was the other way around.

Well, these things happen, no matter what the order. Sometimes the true believers simply go too far in their enthusiasm. Even, Herr Hitler understood the dangers of offending the middle and upper classes, not to mention military leaders by using a gang of vulgar, unrepentant thugs to sell the program and enforce his will. It's the reason he ordered, "The Night of the Long Knives," and offed Ernst Rohm and the rest of the Brown Shirt leadership.

So now Kelly is in charge and The Big Orange Guy is telling us he'll do a cracker jack job and will be the best White House Chief of Staff in the history of the entire world. Or, at least until Donald J. Trump decides he's getting in the way of ego and criminal buffoonery. Then, as we've seen, Trump's loyalty lasts about as long as the time between his tweets.

This morning the last few words of one of those tweets were, "No chaos in the White House." If he truly believes what he wrote then we can only imagine what Don Trump's concept of chaos actually is. .

No wonder America's allies have grown edgy. To them it must look like they are stuck on a ship commanded by Phillip Francis Queeg and the strawberries have just gone missing from the officer's mess.



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