Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Megyn Kelly's Father's Day Gift: Alex Jones, The King of All Conspiracies, Unleashed and Unhinged

For all you Dad's out there who have, will have, or have had first and second grade children attend a public elementary school, Megyn Kelly has a Father's Day gift for you this Sunday.

His name is Alex Jones and he is the host of his own internet and radio show called, "Info Wars." Depending on his audience he either believes the mass murder of children barely older than babies at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, 2012 didn't happen at all, or he kinda thinks it did--at least when it comes to the dead kids part.

In the first scenario the government staged everything. The children never existed and their grieving parents are, to this day, convincingly played by what's known as, "crisis actors." In the second, murderous feds actually gunned down 20 innocent kids, six school employees, and presumably Nancy Lanza, then pinned the whole thing on her son. In both cases the crime was committed to justify the disarming of American citizens.

Well we know how that plan worked out don't we. Instead of any semblance of gun control the NRA and their toadies in congress wanted teachers to start packing weapons. It became so acutely weird some even suggested students should be armed.

However, I digress.

When NBC announced they would broadcast an interview with Brother Jones some of the parents of the dead children went what is commonly referred to as ape shit.

The problem, they pointed out, is there are people living outside of mental institutions who actually believe Jones' cruel anti government phantasms. Nelba Marquez-Green, the mother of Ana Grace Marquez-Green, who was murdered by Adam Lanza, tweeted this, "Every week. 5 years later. Still harassed by truthers. You do NOT give crazy a platform. You're better than this @NBC."

She went on to post, "America promised on 12/14 to never forget. Having Alex Jones on NBC on Father's Day is not never forgetting and it's promoting the wrong thing." She predicted there would be, "an uptick of threats to us, to our families, suggestions that we're not real people, that we're crisis actors."

That's right the fuckers who follow Jones are so bat shit crazy some of them routinely call families of the victims demanding to see their children's death certificates even as they accuse them of being paid liars. A university professor in Florida did that to Leonard Pozner, the father of Noah Pozner. Another Jones aficionado, Lucy Richards went so far as to threaten Pozner's life.

She was so unrelenting authorities dragged her to jail. She pleaded guilty to making the threats and after briefly taking it on the lam was sentenced last week to five months in the joint followed by five more months of house arrest.

Pozner admitted to being a fan of Jones until his son was murdered. Now he says, "When I first lost Noah, I woke up and realized that people who spread these stories are more interested in propagating fear than getting at the truth. And the human cost of that is phenomenal."

In response to the outrage Kelly noted Jones had hosted Donald Trump on his show before the election and was praised by the candidate. In her eyes that makes him a legitimate interview subject. She explains on Twitter, "Many don't know him; our job is 2 shine a light."

It's true. Trump told the man who claims the terrorist attacks on 9-11 were an inside job and the Sandy Hook shooting was a government hit, "Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down. You will be very, very impressed, I hope. And I think we'll be speaking a lot." As I write, Alex Jones remains a staunch Don Trump supporter.

In a preview of the interview, among other things, Kelly said to him, "When you say parents faked their children's deaths, people get very angry."

Our man Alex responded with an old Russian ploy--change the subject and point out the moral failure of others. He said, "Well I know, but they don't get angry about the half million dead Iraqis from the sanctions, or they don't get mad about..."

Kelly cut him off and accused him of dodging the subject which is all fine and good, but what did she expect? After all she was dealing with a guy who moments later said, "Well here's the big one they always make fun of me. You probably want to throw this in there. Thirty years ago they began making animal-human hybrids. Isn't that the big story Megyn Kelly should be doing?"

Maybe, but then none of your fans are calling them, whoever the fuck they are and promising to perpetrate violence if they don't halt the alleged state sponsored bestiality.

Jones is now saying he wants NBC to kill the show. While appearing to be fine with the whole Homo sapien/fauna buggery thing, he is accusing Kelly of misleading him and claims the show was selectively edited in order to present--you guessed it--"fake news" to the public.

Actually the truth is it probably dawned on The King of All Conspiracies he screwed the pooch when he agreed to do the interview. To millions and millions of non-fans he is going to come across as an evil, babbling, loon with no grip on reality. To the hordes lurking on the internet he will have sold out to the main stream media and let himself be manipulated by the dark minions of the Illuminati.

Indeed, in the end, on Sunday the vaunted host of, "Info Wars," will have served, them. And to the diverse tribes of conspiracy enthusiasts out there is no greater crime.

If that is a triumph over lying rubes like Alex Jones so be it. However such a victory comes at a tragic cost. Just ask the people who not only have to live with the unimaginable pain of Sandy Hook on a daily basis, but the vile jackals who tell them their babies and loved ones never really existed, or died.

sic vita est


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  1. I believe the United States of America is in a very dangerous collective state of mind, and has been for quite a while. Long enough for many to not remember a saner time.