Friday, February 17, 2017

Der Donald Uses the Media to Play to His Base

Yesterday Donald Trump held a press conference which, in all truth, was nothing more than a campaign rally aimed directly at his political base. Members of the media were in attendance, but it quickly became obvious he considered them nothing more than low budget sparring partners--hapless chumps shoved into the ring so he could demonstrate to the anglo masses his dazzling foot work and devastating punching power.

The appearance was pure Trump. The unabashed hubris, snide insults, utter disregard for facts, rambling contradictions, subtle racism, and lack of knowledge were all on display. So was the machine gun fire pacing. That's right, keep talking and move on to the next great lie, or controversy as fast as you can. Never give the bastards time to concentrate on any one thing you've said. Indeed, leave them so busy trying to record all the bullshit you're spewing they'll never manage to nail you on any of it..

Even some of the FOX News people are coming to the realization Don Trump is an amoral beast. Concerning the Russian connection, Shepard Smith put it this way, "It's crazy what we're watching every day. It's absolutely crazy. He keeps repeating throw away lines that are not true at all and sort of avoiding the issue of Russia as if we're some kind of fools for asking the question. Really? Your opposition was hacked and the Russians were responsible for it and your people were on the phone with Russia on the same day it was happening and we're fools for asking the questions? No Sir. We have a right to know."

Smith's outburst of brute honesty threw Trump supporters into a fearsome rage. The FOX host was accused of being, "hate filled," by numerous members of the volk. One urged the network to fire Smith because, "We need someone who will report the news without bias."

Yes, if any report, or observation isn't pro Trump it is hate filled, biased, and, as the man himself says, "fake news." The big orange guy can do no wrong. Anyone who says he can is immediately part of the great liberal cabal which not only loathes their champion, but America itself.

Tomorrow, just under four weeks after his inauguration, Brother Don travels to Florida to kick off his 2020 campaign for re-election. The crowd welcoming him will no doubt be large, wildly enthusiastic, and completely convinced the mainstream media, which their man manipulates so well, is the arch enemy of all that is white and good about America.

As for those hated organizations such as CNN and MSNBC, not to mention the three big non-cable networks? They don't seem to understand, Donald John Trump has been playing them like a violin from day one. He used them relentlessly to win the election and is now using them in the same way to consolidate his power.

Many late night TV hosts portray Trump as comical, or bat shit crazy and, honestly, it isn't hard to think of him that way. However, Donald John Trump has proven he knows not only how to use the establishment to get what he wants, but he can, at the same time, convince huge numbers of people both he and they are relentlessly persecuted by the very same establishment. He taps into the WASP paranoia and their sense of racial and political disenfranchisement better than any one since Herr Hitler.

Pulling off such a trick is no small feat for a political newbie. Tragically, as we've seen before, such an accomplishment also happens to be the first step toward a fascist state.

He knows it too. Hell, we all do. Too bad the main stream media still hasn't figured it out as they slavishly grant Trump every moment of air time he desires. In the end, none of them understand they are his dupes--just another malleable tool to make sure der Donald becomes der Fuhrer.

Think not? Just look at what senior Trump advisor, Stephen Miller said on national TV last Sunday.  

Ladies and gentlemen, given these dire circumstances, the bar is most definitely open.


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