Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Newtown Revisited: The Truth is Adam Lanza Did It

Four years ago today a skinny little guy named Adam Lanza went off his nut in the most deadly fashion imaginable. For reasons no one can truly fathom the first thing he did that morning was shoot his mother, Nancy in the head as she slept. The shot, or shots disfigured her so badly that when police initially discovered her body they weren't even sure it was her.

After he blew the face off his mom the 20 year old Lanza jumped into the family vehicle. He was armed with a Glock, a Sig Sauer, and a Bushmaster 223. He drove over to Sandy Hook Elementary School where, years before, he attended grade school and his mother volunteered for a while. Before he saved everybody a lot of time and trouble by blowing his own diseased brains out he pulled off  500 rounds and murdered 20 children--barely above the age of babies--and six staff members.

Within days, if not hours, messages and YouTube videos were going up on the internet claiming the entire horror was faked. The people who posted that insanity--and still are--now prefer to call themselves the alt-media, rather than conspiracy theorists, or as many of us like to describe them, cruel, and demented idiots.

Think they aren't?

After the murder of Noah Pozner in his first grade class room his father Lenny moved to Florida. Once there he found out about a tenured professor of communications at Florida Atlantic University using a photo of his son online. The professor, James F. Tracy taught a class in conspiracy theories. Mr. Pozner sent Tracy a letter asking him to stop using images of Noah. The response from the educator was a certified letter demanding Lenny Pozner prove his son ever existed.

Pozner wrote an op-ed article for a Florida newspaper talking about the viciousness of such people. Shortly afterward Tracy was canned from his position and promptly blamed his firing on the father of a child who was shot to death for no reason at all. That would be a son who Tracy, at the very least, implied had never been born.

Pozner's action wasn't out of character. He has spent a lot of time in the last four years confronting the yahoos who claim his kid's short life was a work of fiction. In doing so he has pissed off some seriously disturbed people.

One of them is a 57 year old Tampa woman named Lucy Richards. In January of this year she sent Pozner a series of messages. One of them read, "You gonna die, death is coming to you real soon." Another said, "Look behind you, it is death. There is nothing you can do about it."

Apparently she was wrong about that last part. A week ago Lucy Richards was indicted by a grand jury on four felony counts of transmitting threats. She is looking at five years for each charge.

It's about time someone started standing up to these cranks.

A few hours ago, J.B. Nicholas, at the time a photographer for The Daily News, posted a piece on line about this sadistic nonsense. In the article he describes how he snuck through the nearby woods the night of the 14th, after the murders, in order to take photographs of the scene in the school parking lot. He also wrote about Gene Rosen, who lived next door to the school and gave shelter to six terrified children and a bus driver who escaped the carnage that deadly morning.

Nicholas found Rosen in a Newtown diner's restroom three days after the killings and described him as, "broken and sobbing." Later, after a television interview, Rosen began receiving anonymous phone calls from people who accused him of being a, "crisis actor," and a liar.

As for Nicholas, his photographs have been branded as fake by the run amok false flag crowd and he, like Lenny Pozner is fed up with those who claim it was all a sham. As he pointed out none of the Sandy Hook, "truthers," were there, but he was and he knows what happened was real. In his words, "Fuck anyone who says otherwise."

The main excuse for this monstrous behavior has been the government faked the mayhem in Newtown in order to justify a weapons ban and possibly a mass confiscation of citizen's firearms. Well if that was the case we know it didn't work don't we.

Americans are still buying military style weapons at a record clip and no one has been able to ban a single one of them. Hell, congress won't even pass a bill which will enable stricter background checks on the rubes who are just as dependent on them as a crack head is on his, or her glass pipe.

Which brings us back to the murdered mom, Nancy Lanza. Her Christmas gift to her son four years ago was a check. She meant for Adam to buy a new gun with the money. Tragically for her and everyone else, he was too busy to cash it.


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  1. To get off track, but only a little bit, this brings to mind what I have been saying for the last several months. The popularity of now President-elect Donald Trump tells me more about a large segment of our society than it does him. We live in increasingly warped times, and as a practicing Christian, do not mind saying that my opinion is we are experiencing sickness in our collective soul. How often, outside of a few isolated columnists and religious commentators, have you heard anyone calling for a renewed spirit, kinder behavior and a cleaner, healthier mindset than what we see today? You haven't experienced this, you say? Maybe a time or two? Gosh, why am I not surprised? Do you ever wonder what our parent's generation, and those before them, would think of the state of the nation, and world at large, today?