Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Process is Over For Bernie

The Democratic nominating process is finally over. Actually it has been for a while now. Clinton has known it. Obama has known it. The press knew it too, they just didn't want to cut into their ratings by admitting it. Now we learn, thanks to a new story in Politico, senior aides to Bernie Sanders also realized it quite some time ago. In fact the only person, besides his legions of passionate fans, who steadfastly refuses to admit it, is the senator from Vermont himself.

The article paints a picture of someone who feels personally disrespected by establishment movers and shakers, betrayed by former congressional allies, and wrongfully set upon by Mrs. Clinton when it comes to gun control issues. It also hints at a Sanders playing the gruesome role of vulture, hoping against hope, Clinton will be indicted for her email problems during her State Department days before the convention.

One can easily see how this whole thing spun out of control. When Sanders began his campaign with an ice cream social hosted by the guys who own Ben and Jerry's it was widely considered a lovely, albeit doomed adventure in idealism whose main aim was to nudge Hillary Clinton to the left. Then, amazingly, the crowds began to gather and they were large and raucous, filled with the eternal glow of enthusiastic youth. Money began to pour in and voters began to respond.

Suddenly, what was once a Quixotic charge at windmills seemed a national movement capable of attaining goals people had only dreamt of.

Hell yeah, baby. Put the screws to the uber rich and Wall Street. Make the greedy bastards finally pay their fair share and stuff like tuition at state run universities and medical care for everyone will become free. Yes, it is all so magical and fantastic--an American utopia is at hand.

Unfortunately, as most of us burned out leftist types realized from the beginning, such phantasms are utterly impossible to attain.

The terrible reality, which none of the Sanders supporters have wanted to recognize is, even if elected, a democratic socialist president isn't going to get one bit of legislation through the house of representatives. After all, we're talking about a gang of horrific rubes who have voted to abolish the Affordable Care Act over 50 times when they knew it would either die in the senate, or be vetoed by the president.

And they are still going to be in the majority next January no matter how badly that orange haired fascist bastard might fuck up this fall. Between the gerrymandering of congressional districts and cold blooded attempts at voter suppression there is no way they will. The numbers, much like Senator Sanders', simply aren't there.

Politico's post says Sanders has refused to endorse democrats in state races who have not specifically endorsed him. In other words if they stayed neutral he won't have anything to do with them. That shouldn't be surprising, because as, Samantha Bee pointed out on her show, Full Frontal, last week, he's been a democrat for about ten minutes.

Hey, what should we expect from a guy who is wrapped up in glorious hallucinations and denies brute reality.

In the end, the terrible truth is Bernie Sanders is a mutant variation of Donald Trump--a sort of weird polar opposite doppelganger. Because of Trump's improbable win we are left to imagine what he would have done if he had gone under. However, thanks to Senator Sanders' loss we're going to find out exactly what he will do.

One can only hope it isn't something so stupid and vengeful it will help hand the highest office in the land over to a racist beast who has no self control, or even a hint of decency.

sic vita est


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